Saturday, November 24, 2012


yeah, all i want is jz a peaceful and quiet environment to study.
bt no..
Guess what? Its school holiday for kids now.

Most of them are making lots of noise,
not sure if they are laughing or crying.
Sounds the same to me.

I am pretty sure that most of us were told to keep quiet when
the teacher is teaching.
The teacher may say something like,
"You know why God gave you two ears and not two mouth? Its so that you should listen more than to speak."

Well, yes, you should actually keep quiet when someone is teaching.
However, did you know that we tend to learn better through discussion compare to just copying some notes and memorizing it?
I am talking about brainstorming~

Not saying that memorizing is ineffective, but for my own personal preference, understanding would be more important than to memorizing bluntly without knowing the reason behind it.

In fact, when I gave some lessons to a group of 20 students before,
I allowed them some time to chit chat a little and also to have some simple discussion among themselves.
It actually helps them to relax and of course reduce their sleepiness.haha

When you talk more, you are actually stimulating your creativity.

My point being is that, you can't expect students to just shut up during the entire class.
They may have ony one mouth, bt doesn't mean they shouldn't speak at all.
After all, the new generation of kids are getting more active.haha

Well, feel free to criticize this post anyway.
Most are from my opinion.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

its jz the begining of everything~

Its the beginning of my 2nd semester of lvl2 in IT.
I am currently studying in APU aka UCTI for those of you who do not know about me much.

As the 3rd week of the semester is about to approach me,
I manage to finish one of my module's assignment's implementation.
Its done in java.

It involves connecting the application to a database using jdbc.
The database that i used was mysql.

I highly recommend mysql compare to mssql or ms.access.
Reason being is that mysql is more stable.

N yup, the application was done in GUI which means not in command line type of interface
but rather with buttons, textbox and combobox.

oh yea, regarding to the topic above,
All the things that I had to deal with so far whether in work or in my studies,
are all just the beginning of everything.
Even bigger challenges will come into my life.
I welcome those challenge with open arms.

I rmb i once lost all of my assignments due to hardisk failure.
Should have back it up online btw.
I had to rush all 4 of my assignments since due date was near.
Somehow or a rather, i manage to finish it all in one day.
and manage to improve those further using the remaining days left.

At one point when my hardisk failed me, i wanted to jz give up.
bt i didn't because I somehow know that I will be able to get through this.
I took it as a challenge.
Using my will-power, that mostly comes from my ego,
I overcame it.hahax..

Yeah, life is full of problems,
Or u can choose to see it them as challenges.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


for most programmers or IT ppl who did coding before,
I am sure you know what it meant by nested.

As for non-IT literate ppl, i will explain what it meant by nested.
Have u watched Inception? Its about a movie about how these ppl
can go into ppl's dream.
And the interesting part is when they go into a dream within a dream.
Sometimes, it maybe a dream within a dream within a dream.(3 levels).

If u did not watched it yet, then u have no life~

So, back to nested.
We normally have nested loop, nested if-else statement, nested queries and so on.
What i learned recently was nested class in java.

public class Admin extends users{
    public Admin(){
    public class SubAdmin1 extends JInternalFrame{
        public SubAdmin1(){}
    public class SubAdmin2 extends JInternalFrame{
        public SubAdmin2(){}

So, as u can see, SubAdmin1 and SubAdmin2 are nested inside the Admin class.

Now, in ur main class u can declare something like

private Admin ad;
private Admin.SubAdmin1 sub1;
private Admin.SubAdmin2 sub2;

And then to use it in ur main class constructor, u declare it by doing,

Admin ad = new Admin();
sub1 = SubAdmin1();
sub2 = SubAdmin2();

okay, the end~

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The joy of coding~

in case some of you do not know yet,
I am currently studying IT although I look and talk like a business student.

So, here's the thing about coding.
It is frustrating when you keep getting error,
but the moment you solved it, fuh..., u feel like a genius who jz managed to solve a world problem.
i think i mite have exaggerate that a little bit.

So, that is one of the joy of doing coding or programming.
I did not code for quite some time already as i was busy reading business related theories.
Yes, i am also a book worm.
I love books more than almost anything.

The feeling of solving an error in coding is like winning a lottery
or found the needle in the haystack.hahax..

gotta continue my things for now~
and to that someone, thanx for ur support although it may not mean much to u
but it meant a lot to me.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Study means smart?

Sorry, but studying in college doesn't actually makes you a lot smarter than other people.

Take it for instance in one of today's newspaper's incident.
A person with only an education level of up to standard 6 was able
to con a businessmen who i assumed to be more educated than the conman.
The person manage to con about RM2.4million according to the newspaper.

Oh wait, i forgot, most ppl from my generation seldom
read newspapers now a days.

bt its okay, they get their news from facebook which
will always have the most up to date news.
However do note that information from facebook news or post may not be that accurate or reliable.

 So, point being is that in most con cases if any of you actually notice this pattern,
the victim are usually well educated people.
And to my surprise(not so surprise anymore) most of the conmen were not
well educated.

How is that possible??
I would bet my money on greediness.
Sometimes, no matter how "smart" or "educated" you are, but once when u get greedy,
you are no difference than being as dumb as a rock.

I would say that people with lower education qualifications who are able to con ppl usually
possess good soft(communication) skills.
This now make more sense doesn't it?
Better soft skills, means better in influencing and convincing the victim.

And yup, plus the victim who are greedy will get blinded from the obvious tricks that the
conmen will pull off.
When its all over, well..., most of the time its already too late.
The money is long gone, and so as your pride.
I mean, you wouldn't actually be proud of yourself for being conned rite?

So, my advice would be
"Less greed, less trouble~"

Friday, November 9, 2012

Its a long nite

usually on a Friday night,
i will spend time with my a few of my secondary school friends
for a drink at a tomyam restaurant.
We called it "tomyam session".

So, now that I no longer need to fetch my younger brother from school,
I am now able to stay with them til as late as 11pm although sometimes i stay til 12.
Normally i will leave by 10pm, when things are just about to get interesting.

I have to admit that I sometimes talk very loud.hahax..
have to tone that down.

Normally we will talk about whats going on in our college or university and always
end up complaining about it.
Noted that the few of us are from different college or uni.

Its quite fun actually, since its something to actually look forward to do after 5 days of weekdays.
Not saying that i dun enjoy college, but after all those traffic-jams and stress from studies, its nice to talk it out.

And yeah, we are all guys.
Having a girl in our group would be weird actually.
What brings us all together was that, most of us were also from the same class during our secondary school.
And most of us are studying in the IT field.
So, yeah, lots of things to talk about.

oh yea, next week is my holiday, again.
gonna plan to do some studying as usual.
how else i can spend my time with good return?
Going out will cost my wallet to lose weight..
Plus, i stopped working already, so money is not really coming in.
Gotta start saving more from now on.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Okay, so i got some of my assignments adi despite its the
first week of the class.
As for java, the application have to be link to a database which is something i did not do before in
java though i did one b4 in visual basic. I did some hunting for books that may help me in the library(as usual).

As for spcc, gotten the question but i will need to test out the software first to familiarize with the system before developing on it.

As for rmct, its a research subject, i will most probably use back one of my idea for CRI.

Thankfully, i will not be having classes on friday anymore, which gives me one day to breath for a bit.
And  thankfully again i have a one week break next week, which i will use it for my java assignment as priority.

My priority for now

okay, gotta go now, else i will be late for class, still at home.hahax..
not yet shower also.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

time to get serious

oh yea, you will actually see me study from now and then.
Not like last time, chill and care-free.

Why a sudden change?
lets just say that, sometimes, things just happen and sometimes those things that happened will force us to make decisions in life.

That sounds a little negative doesn't it?hahax..
On the lighter note, i think i found one of my strength.


It may not matter much to any of you out there but it meant a lot to me.

so, yup, will be studying more and more from now on.
And i will not work part time anymore(unless during sem break)

Anyway, will be updating my blog once a while from now on.
feels good to speak out.haha