Tuesday, August 31, 2010

forget me not u shall..

ignore the fancy topic lol,
i remember during my secondary school life,
once I was playing basketball which of coz requires me to mark a target tat is my opponent.
then my opponent dunno y dun like me gua.
scold me nvm..
later when continue playing he hit my face with his elbow.
bt i just say nvm, small thing.
Dunno wats his problem.
keep scolding me==
Thus, I conclude there are many types of people in this world.
Everyone is different in many ways..
Despite that, we humans are born with nothing,
and die with nothing.
From dust you were made, to dust you return" from the holy bible though.
What give us the right to judge others or be superior than another?
Then again, it is at the same time not wrong for us to judge others.
Well, that is one of my interpretation on one of Buddha's teaching where "right is wrong and wrong is right".
lol.., each ppl may hav different interpretation on this.
hmm..., like some may say that do the wrong things for the right reason.

Well, at the end of the game I just told him sorry if i had done anything.
though he gave a fierce reaction, but at least I noe I done my part.

lol, I dun belive in violence.


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