Saturday, January 10, 2009

People, please come to your senses...

hey, there has been a war lately in Gaza.
Well, most people said that it was due to religion.

I just don't get it. why can we just accept things how it is...
I mean that we should not condemn, critic, or insult other people's religion.
i don't think any religion's god will actually ask us to kill one another..rite?
What I think is that all religion has their own good point.
We should respect other people's religion if you want them to respect yours.. and not by the force(war)..

Think about it, if there is war, what will happen? Who will suffer at the end?
Is the citizens and nations and people who live in the country who will suffer from both side of the war.

At the end, nobody like others to condemn their religion. So why not just accept the fact that other religions also exists. Don't go and say that if people don't believe your religion, then something bad will happen to them or something..

I am not an extremist... but i think everybody have their own religion. So don't go condemning theirs..

peace everyone.... for the greater good..