Monday, July 5, 2010


well, at least we got some assignment at last.
that way i would not be bored.
assignment can be a pain in the ass but it could be fun.
wonder how I will do it.

went to the gym,
and when i was done,
i walk out and there is this girl practicing aerobic with the rope.
Well, the rope fall on to me.haha..
That girl was quite shy though and was like apologizing to me.
I was like nvm one la, make sure u do well in performing.haha

Feel so sleepy.
at least now mei-chan~ driving is improving,
now i can let her drive a bit while i take a nap.haha

lolz..,went to her house to use the toilet..
i straight go in,
then her dad was like shock seeing a guy in.
I was like "Err.., hi, uncle, can i use the washroom?"
Then i straight go in.
Later i came out,
then we talk a bit.
He said he was shock a bit seeing a guy come in,
thought i am a robber. ==
guess my current look made me like a bad person?
it was not the 1st time.

So i went home and sleep.
read a bit on c++ and accounting.
I was thinking of taking up CIMA
its like business accounting.
So, it means taking 2 degree in one time.
will it over burden me?
i dunno man.

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