Sunday, January 31, 2010

lookingt back.. and going back..

After my spm,
I look through my past.

Then i rmb about chess.
How long i haven't touch it.
And how long i had not sharpen my skills since form1.
I miss those days..
Days where i learn what it means to not give up when all is lost.
What it means to lose..
And what it means to win.

I ask her for an advice,
whether a not if i should continue to pick up from where i left.
and she gave me quite a good reply.

So, i will be practicing,
I know chance of winning are as slim as 0.5%.
Cause i had been outdated.
Its different when u play outside and msskl.
I will be joining an open tournament.
Dunno when yet.
mayb 21st of feb.


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