Thursday, October 7, 2010

u smile, i smile=)

u smile, i smile lo..
its simple as tat..
if u dun smile, i still smile=)
i need ony 1 reason to smile, bt need at least 10 reasons not to smile.

call me a simpleton.
oh, ya, next week will be vb on database.

anyway, ystrdy i reas the star newspaper under "Dear Thlema"
one of the case the writer which is that this man,
who is married to this foreign woman for 18 years old and have 2 kids.
He is the only one working, providing everything..
He thought he provided every everything means he can say anything.
He said his wife is stupid for not understanding him.
Many things happen la. He often insult his wife.
Then he want her out of his life, divorce by always blaming her and stuff.
Even his children can see that and did not talk much to him.
He then blame his wife for influencing them. ==
Well, then the editor replied:
"Yes, your wife is foolish and stupid enough to marry a man like you for 18 years and have kids with you and bearing with all your actions and insults.
Yet, she never complain.."
This is what happens when one is working while the other one is not.
No earning power, no say..
this is what happening these days.
But the husband never see how good his wife is.
Being with him for 18years.
Always there for him.
He never realize that.
Shame on him.
Got a lady who is willing to tolerate and yet still love you but dun wan...

its jz an update..

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