Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Need help again..

hmm.., i lately tried to modify my form in ms.access.
There are certain function like print previews of a report.
Which can be done simple if you only create that particular command button to do for just one report.
What I want is a command button that not only can preview one report but also you can select the particular report that you want. It not only can do that but it can also select the few things you want from your report.(flexible)
Anyone can help me?
I saw this in the Northwind database sample.
I can't just simply copy the VBA codes directly because there are commands that i need to edit in order for it to suit my database. And i Have zero knowledge about VBA.
So, i really would be thankfull if someone can help me.
Anyways, i am now studying VBA from the internet(online lesson) just like how i learn access.

Monday, December 29, 2008


hmm.., i had attend a Christmas Party last week.
it all seems fine and enjoyable.
The people are friendly.
Well, it is stated that one should appreciate for whatever he/she has or gets.
I actually take that phrase seriously...
hmm..., the last activity was the exchange gift.
This is how it works.
Everybody gathers in a circle. Then the gifts are passed arround to each of us.
Later a person will read a piece of paper which is a like a story.
Whenever, the person mention left, we pass the gifts to the left and same goes to right.
hmmm..., so u guess what i got?
i gt a pair of earing and somthing i dunno.
So, i dunno what 2 do wit it nw?
wat do u think?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

i am sorry...

Here's a theory..,
If u can hate a person,u can also love that person..
If you can love a person, U also can hate that person...

The fact is that, there always will be argument among people every time because
each people have different thinking,thoughts, behavior, habits, passion and ways of doing things that sets us all apart..(different from one another).

A simple sentence...,"I am sorry.."
can make a difference when those kind of situation occurs where can be use after the incident...

Its looks simple than it is... (easier say than done)
U need to have two things when u wan 2 say sorry to a person.
u need to forgive and forget..

Ok, here's the thing... Most people can forgive but may have difficulty in forgetting about it..

Most people just kept thinking and remembering those unwanted incidents, where they will become more and more angrier when they think of it..hmm..
Unless if u have a calm mind, and can take those kind of situation=)
then u can do wats rite since u can maintain yourself from being insane..hahax..

Most people now a days only think for themselves..
When u wan to look into a situation, you got to first put yourself in the other person's shoe as well...
U can get a clearer picture of whats happening by doing that..

PS: I feel like i am being stare by something whenever i'm alone at nite arround 1am in front of my pc..hmm... i wonder what could it be.. maybe i should ask it and welcome it to chat with me since i am bored now..Who noes if we mite turn out to be best buddies..? jz kidding..., i hope that happen to you first before me..hahax..gud luck..

Friday, December 12, 2008

problem solve

yo, gud news=)
i finally succeed in writing codes for the calculated field that i dunno hw 2 do few days ago.
its simple.

Minutes: DateDiff("n", [StartDateTime], [EndDateTime])

"Minutes" is for the name of ur field in d query.

DateDiff() is the main code to calculate d field.

"n" is means minutes.

[StartDateTime], [EndDateTime] are the two fields that u wan to b calculated.

Of course, those codes can be even more complex for more complicated calculation.
I am learning them.. Well, I gt a long way to go=)

Bt all this hardwork pays off..

Honestly ms.access isn't user-friendly..hahax

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i gt a problem..

hey, i am currently doing database. So, i learn a lot.
hmm..., There is this problem when i try to create a calculated field(if u noe wat i mean)...
I soon realize that i could only create a calculated field in queries..
hmm..., I check the northwind sample and i found out that i had to create a field in the query and key in some codes that will run the calculation.
are those code generated from somewhere or tools that i can use in access?
or i had to memories it and key it in myself?
thank u.=)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

inflation part 2...

first let me explain some consequences of inflation..
ok, it all starts from fuel(petrol n diesel)..ya, everybody noes that so i dun need 2 go 2 detail..

When the fuel increase, the big consumers of it for example fisherman, lorry workers, and mainly those that gt 2 do a lot of transportation(transportation provider).
When that happen, they will have 2 pay more money for the fuel for the same amount of things they transport...(refer 2 the post "inflation")..
So, in order to cover up the cost, they increase their price also(which sumtimes they bring up the price too much, please refer to the post "inflation")..

ok, so what happens now is that for those people or company that used their transportation would also hav 2 pay more bt for the same amount of things they want.

So, the company n people who bought from those transportation provider, would also do the same by increasing their product price to their consumers..

All, this goes on and on you see..
This is what we called a "domino effect"..(similar to a domino falling down frm the beginning n so on n on til the end.)

But as for this, at the end of the day, this domino effect will ends up going back to the transportation provider who increase their price in d first place. Reason being? ok, here is it, Since those transportation provider are also human which they also need to eat, drink, place to stay, and therefore they are also consumers of products and services as well.. Hence, they also will consume product and services from other company and places which had also increase their price. In other words, the transportation provider will also feel the effect of the inflation.

ok, understand that?

Now, the fuel price in Malaysia had reduce, But many idiots didn't want to reduce their price also.. They gav a lot of reason like wait and see others first..
Kinda think of it, they are good at giving reasons when it comes 2 increase their price but also good at giving reasons not to reduce their price when the fuel price goes down.

If they start to reduce their price then others also wil hav to as well. This is bcoz when people these days are looking for low cost.. So if the price is cheaper then a lot people wil go there and less people at those place which are expensive.
So, it will force those who increase their price to reduce it.

Anyway, look at the guy who owns AirAsia. I think that he is a pro in managing finance. He is also very gud at taking opportunity like right now when people are increasing their price whereas he isn't. Instead, he further reduces it.

Look forward 2 my next post..., c ya in the next dunno hw many days..

Monday, November 24, 2008


Sorry that the image is a small, please view it if u can't c it clearly.

As you have seen the chart above...,
This is an example of what that had happen in inflation.
The original price of a shop selling Laksa mee was RM4.00
But after inflation, It rises up to RM5.60..increase by 40% as the fuel increase by 40%..

But here is a clearer picture of what was suppose to happen..

As I think you kinda get what i mean, the price of the laksa mee should only increase by its transportation price. Which totals up that the actual price of the laksa mee after increase is RM4.20.

Sadly, most of the stall and places that sells things also did the same as shown as what happen in the first graph. Most of the kedai runcit also did the same but in actual fact that the transport price is the one that increase.

Anyway, thankful that our fuel price drop.. But sadly again the people who had increase their price by an exact 40% did not reduce and giving all sorts of reason..

Hope u agree wit me..thanx..
If i am wrong, please do tell me..

Friday, November 21, 2008


hmm..., more n more fake heroes came out..
such as clockwork goblin..
But, of course i am not 2 talk about those 2day..

i want to share some of my strategy..
well, i am jz a beginner..., so do tell me if i wrote sumthing wrong..

Shadow Shaman..
hmm..., usually i will pump up the shackles and voodoo..
For those who want to farm, they can up forked lightning bt i dun think its gonna help much in a hero kill..
Although some people mite say that u can use shackles wit forked lightning.., but i dun quite agree.. Forked lightning needs 10s cooldown bt if u use it while shackles it won't go rite as shackles ony last for 4.75s(max).
If you up voodoo and shackles till u r level5, and when u go 6 u up ur ultimate.
By the time u do that, lets say u use ur ultimate, then u voodoo the enemy and shackles it again rite afta the voodoo wears off. In total of 6seconds,(2s voodoo n 4s shackles), since there are 8 serpents, each does 43damage. 43x8x6=2064damage.
hmm..., lets jz say if ur enemy has armor of 5, i think he still mite die since if both r level6. Unless, ur enemy is gud in farming.

i think its best to max ur third skill first, to chase hero when they are low hp.
it would b scary.. hmm..., ur second skill jz up it a bit(usefull for farming).
As for ur first skill u can cast it on an enemy wit less than 100hp. U can also use it on Inti hero(silence them coz it won't allowed them 2 use any skill).
U can use it on Pudge when he use rot(hahax.. So that Pudge can't turn rot off).

This hero is a gay hero if u noe how 2 use it..
It has high hp. Hook, u up hook and rot at the beginning. Here is an advice, hook hero that are range hero(non melee attack hero), becoz when they are shooting they will stay in one spot. Once you hook, then u rot and wack him.
Ur ulti is the killing one, having to stop ur enemy for 3s-5s wit 75-150damage persecond. Imagine if u hook and enemy and on ur rot then u use ur ulti on it..

Of coz if ur enemy is a pro.., then these mite not work..hahax..dun blame me if it doesn't work.

yo, guys....

yo, i am sorry 2 taiko tat i did't update..
i gt my own problem u see...
well, basically i am not all that lucky guy..
i wanted to update it before this but hmm..., i was busy studying form5.
i am a slow learner so i noe that i had ta start fast in order 2 catch up.
not ony form5, bt i gt 2 learn database..

When i thought that i could go out and get some fresh air by playin basketball bare foot, i was wrong..
At the end of playing basketball, I realize that my feet's epidermis(below my foot) came out..
ya, I noe i could see my own flesh..so basically it seems like it gonna open even bigger...
i quickly patch it back hoping that it would stick to the dead skin for a while.
I went back to my aunty house. It hurts...(jz imagine ur feet has lost one layer.
i jz put a few handy-plus..
It feels pain..like its gonna fall apart.
dude, it sucks and i regret playin basketball bare foot.
To make things worse, my mum gt freak out when she ask my dad 2 c a doc.
The doctor remove an even bigger part of my feet's skin..
and here i am now.., finally gt 2 walk n go 2 d com..hahax..

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What is a hacker?

The Jargon File contains a bunch of definitions of the term ‘hacker’, most having to do with technical adeptness and a delight in solving problems and overcoming limits. If you want to know how to become a hacker, though, only two are really relevant.

There is a community, a shared culture, of expert programmers and networking wizards that traces its history back through decades to the first time-sharing minicomputers and the earliest ARPAnet experiments. The members of this culture originated the term ‘hacker’. Hackers built the Internet. Hackers made the Unix operating system what it is today. Hackers run Usenet. Hackers make the World Wide Web work. If you are part of this culture, if you have contributed to it and other people in it know who you are and call you a hacker, you're a hacker.

The hacker mind-set is not confined to this software-hacker culture. There are people who apply the hacker attitude to other things, like electronics or music — actually, you can find it at the highest levels of any science or art. Software hackers recognize these kindred spirits elsewhere and may call them ‘hackers’ too — and some claim that the hacker nature is really independent of the particular medium the hacker works in. But in the rest of this document we will focus on the skills and attitudes of software hackers, and the traditions of the shared culture that originated the term ‘hacker’.

There is another group of people who loudly call themselves hackers, but aren't. These are people (mainly adolescent males) who get a kick out of breaking into computers and phreaking the phone system. Real hackers call these people ‘crackers’ and want nothing to do with them. Real hackers mostly think crackers are lazy, irresponsible, and not very bright, and object that being able to break security doesn't make you a hacker any more than being able to hotwire cars makes you an automotive engineer. Unfortunately, many journalists and writers have been fooled into using the word ‘hacker’ to describe crackers; this irritates real hackers no end.

The basic difference is this: hackers build things, crackers break them.

If you want to be a hacker, keep reading. If you want to be a cracker, go read the alt.2600 newsgroup and get ready to do five to ten in the slammer after finding out you aren't as smart as you think you are. And that's all I'm going to say about crackers.

The Hacker Attitude

1. The world is full of fascinating problems waiting to be solved.
2. No problem should ever have to be solved twice.
3. Boredom and drudgery are evil.
4. Freedom is good.
5. Attitude is no substitute for competence.

Hackers solve problems and build things, and they believe in freedom and voluntary mutual help. To be accepted as a hacker, you have to behave as though you have this kind of attitude yourself. And to behave as though you have the attitude, you have to really believe the attitude.

But if you think of cultivating hacker attitudes as just a way to gain acceptance in the culture, you'll miss the point. Becoming the kind of person who believes these things is important for you — for helping you learn and keeping you motivated. As with all creative arts, the most effective way to become a master is to imitate the mind-set of masters — not just intellectually but emotionally as well.

Or, as the following modern Zen poem has it:

To follow the path:
look to the master,
follow the master,
walk with the master,
see through the master,
become the master.

So, if you want to be a hacker, repeat the following things until you believe them.

hmm..., i gt all this frm tis website "http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/hacker-howto.html". so please go to that website for more info.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Ying and Yang

yo, before I start.., well here is a little of what I had something to say.
i think i failed my exam. hmm.., wanna noe something else? during my moral exam..,
i ask the teacher permit to go to the "toilet". After going to the toilet, i went to the canteen to eat coz i haven eat yet.. then i return back to class staring at my empty paper and begin writing..(i manage to finish it of coz)

This is the link to a video shooting for the E-education for the goverment by 4D

hmm.., back to what you are here today..,

hmm..., still recall what i wrote on my last post?
if not, then read the post below. so as for new comers.

in Ying and Yang, there is a bit of different.
Its just a bit more complex.

In a black spot, there is a white dot.
what does it means?
hmm.., it means that in a bad side, there is also definitely has a small part a gud side in it. Same goes as the white spot that has a black dot that means that in a gud side, there is still some small bad part in it.
In this theory, its all balance if you realize.
The black and white colour as u know.

its easy to draw it, first draw a circle, second write an alphabet "S".
Third, draw a small circle in the "S" and another one wit a round dot.
then jz shade d part that has the white circle black.

couldn't write much, coz gt exam.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

black dot

see that picture above?
hm..., you were probaly wondering that why of all things that this stupid blogger could have wrote about and he wrote about a black dot...

That's what they all say...,
but first question..
is it just the black dot that you notice only?
is it?
are you sure?
if it is.., then i bet that it is the same way how you see other people as well like how you see this black dot..rite?
hmm..., again some of you might now wonder if this blogger here is crazy..

eat your words, yo..
once again, look carefully on that image i post above..
see the black dot again?
well, think carefully...is that what only you could see?

actually.., you should have notice by now that in that picture...,
you could not only see the black dot but also could see the white background of the image surrounding the black dot.., rite?

if you still can't then i dunno wat 2 say.=="

hmm... if you can see it, then i shall further explain..
in a black dot.., the black dot represents people's bad side or weakness..
It is what we always see in other people..
For example, a boss always see his employee as a money face but he doesn't notice that the employee is also a very hardworking person at the same time.
Another example, a wife always nag her husband for always being a bit lazy(he comes home early from work) but she doesn't see that he actually cares for their children
and comes home early because of them.
Here is another example, a parents always see their son who is lazy and play computer games often but what they didn't see was that he is very focus in his in whatever he does and like.

hmm..., the white background are representing a person's good side or advantage.
i think you might have understand it by now.

So, don't only see a person's black spot(bad side) and focus on it.
because if you do so, you won't be able to see and notice his or her white background(good side).

Sadly to say, many people only acknowledge a person's black spot.
Although nobody is perfect, but what we can do is to improve and be better than our oldself..

next post is something to do with this post...(coming soon)
c ya.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

yo, u see this picture?
Well, it was taken in Korea, Jeju island. Its a nice place.
trust me...
the people there are nice, and the place there is clean.(cleaner than here duh)
you won't be seeing motorcycle coming from here and there because there rarely any motorcycle there..
most of them take public transport..=)
if we can be more like them, i think our country name can be raise..although tats nt gonna happen.

saw the photo that i took that has a river in the background?
that is like their river underground bt look at it..
its clean and cold, you could even see your reflection on it.
i did't hav much time 2 update my blog. so there would b delay..hahax

Saturday, October 11, 2008

ghost story..

hmm.., i advise you people to read this only during nite...

There is once a in a st.john ambulance..,
there is this..., a dummy..., a dummy tat has been used 4 showing the children
the consequences of not following the trafic light..it has a face of a little girl..

There is one day..., not one fine day..
when during the event of promoting about the following the rules of the trafic light where they showed the same thing again like they always do.
They put the dummy in a standing position in the middle of the road as usual and let a car to bang it down to show the school children the effect of not following the trafic light.
But this time things are different, different in a weird kind of way..
When the dummy was hit by the car, it fell on d road about three metres away like it always did..
Suddenly..., blood came out of the dummy.. from its eyes, nose, head, and some part of it..
One of the st.john member was ask to check it out.
When the st.john member, goes near the dummy, she was shock of what he had seen and the dummy spoke to her that she(the dummy) feels pain and ask the st.john for help.. N blood and tears came down from the dummy's eyes.. The st.john members that were jz to frighten tat they one of them burn it and threw it away.. It was one heck of a day, that does st.john remember tat event..

Well, they think that its over..., bt things are jz getting started..

During the holidays.., the st.john organise a camp in the genting resort..
well, in each two people shared one room..
and in each room there is one st.john box(the one where they hav their equipments) wit a red cross symbol on the box in their toilets..
hmm..., on the first day of their nite.. sumthing strange happen..
In one of the st.john's hotel room..., one of the member went to the toilet in the middle of d nite..
He jz wash his hands after doin his buisness.., bt his hands bleed out a bit for no reasons.
He then reach for the st.john box, and gt his small wound patch. He closed the box. Bt what he did't noe is tat sumthing had already came out of the box behind him.. It could be seen holding a knife frm the reflection of the mirror and he saw it.. He was jz terrified, and wanted to shout for help but he was stab by it a about like 50times and he now recalled the face of it, it was the face of the dummy tat had been burn n thrown away.. but he died after that. The same goes to his partner.. this was repeated to many rooms in tat nite..
Many st.john were killed.., and "it" wants its revenge..for the one that had burn it..
after all of them had been killed.. it doesn't seems to be able to find the one it has been searchin for.

Two days after that, the st.john who had burn it was at home "alone". well, coz "it" is nw there wit him..
He went to the toilet, and the same thing happen again. but he did't died.
He ran for his life.The dummy smile wit a wicked face. As he ran out of the house, suddenly there came a car and knocked him down and he was bleeding..
He was dying.. then came the dummy to him, he ask "it" for help. But "it" burn him like what he had did to "it'..
Revenge its done..

Well, there is still one part of the story that you don wan to miss out..

"it" nw hunts down for the blogger who wrote about it cause the blogger noes the what had happen to those st.john... N "it" doesn't wants many people to noe about this too..
So, readers.. please be carefull in the middle of the nite.., espeacially when you wan to go 2 d toilet at nite urself..

ps: dun say i did't warn you..

Sunday, September 28, 2008

hmm...i wonder..

i sumtimes wonder,
wat is it like being undercover...
spending my whole time readin my letter...,
hoping one day tis world wil stop shatter..

I sumtimes wonder,
wat is it like being able to stand on top of the world..
feel proud bt no one to share wit..
so, i want to share all my happiness wit all and make my memory sweet..

I sumtimes wonder,
wat is it like being a director...
kept on yelling and shouting...
bt no ones listening..

I sumtimes wonder..,
wat am i doing?
rite nw,
rite here..

(tis would b my last post til 7th of oct)
i had 2 go 2 korea,
nt studyin 4 d whole year,
jz relax and like wat i'm doing here..
c ya...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

sad coz i am nt able 2 change my friend...

its 2 late...,
although its state...,
tat one can always turn back while others wait...,
bt its jz 2 late..

could hav change you..,
bt u did't let me let me hav a chance 2..,
its been long since noein you..,
although back there you may look new..

i look up,
its jz me staring a cross the street..,
i remember your smile was sweet..,

I took a step in,
hoping that you would b changing...,
bt this self of urs won't let me in..,
i woke up,
its all jz a dream..

I was relive..,
tat all these r jz illusion..,
coz i wasn't able 2 had a solution..,
the next thing i noe,
u were out there,
n i walk down the stairs..,
seein u smile..,
make me shattered 2 tears..

-the end-(rap it)

Monday, September 8, 2008

time is running out...

time=2 money
bt money is nt= 2 time..
gt it?
time can b converted 2 money as u work..
bt money doesn't convert 2 time..
nt bout chess 2 day..

Sunday, September 7, 2008

my chess..

well, this is nothing much..
jz a bit of my experience..

well, wanna noe hw i start learnin chess?
it sure will make u laugh..

back in when i was 7, a few people were playing chess..
back there i dunno hw 2 play that game so all of them laugh at me..
i went home crying..
so after that during year end, i begin 2 start 2 learn chess frm my father n a simple book.
i was a slow learner bt whenever i thought about those who laugh at me.., i decide to move on learnin bout that game..
i reach the age of 9, i joined my first tournament in a hotel..
of course, its ends wit a lost bt i manage 2 gt 2 out of 7.
hmm.., then i join a few tournments 2 gain more experience n exposure.
as i hav reach 10, my chess teacher heard frm another teacher about my chess.
so he let me in the school team.
well, in that tourment, i did quite well in zon sentul(won 4 out of 5)(defeat KB current strongest player)..
as i proceed 2 being a 12 years old boy, it was the first time they had msskl.(as captain)
i almost lost the first round(down by one rook) bt i won by a pass pawn.
i lost in round 6. bt won in round 7 againts a KB player who i had lost a few times to in other tournment b4 that.( my result was 6 out of 7). so i manage 2 gt 2 mssm.

when i was form1.., i almost miss my chance 2 represent my school in chess coz nt noeing who was in charge in it. bt luckly i found them, n they tested my chess skills n let me in.
so, in zon sentul..,
my won the first two matches. my third match 2 my 5th match were frm KB. those days KB were strong in chess. bt i won those three matches. n i drew in my 6th match againts a KB student. In my lasy match, my opponent was the KB captain(15 years old). i ask him for a draw bt he decline me a few times. I think he was underestimating me back there. I suddenly remembered that game he played wit his opponents.. i realize he did nt castle through out the whole game. So i focus all my attack 2 the centre. I also made a double pawn so that i can hav a open file in the f file. It all works well when he lost a pawn.., then came his downfall..
So, i gt first in that zon sentul. bt i did badly in msskl, reason being was that i was under pressure into thinking that i am the zon sentul champ n must nt lose. that was my mistake..

nw, i am form4.. after form1, i had 2 concentrate in my study, so i stop my chess..
form4 i almost can gt into mssm bt lost my last round..
next year will b my lasy year..., as the captain i hope 2 b able 2 train all my teammates instead of in individual..

Saturday, September 6, 2008


gambit means to make someone trip on purpose in italy.
a gambit is used in such a way that you sacrifice ur materials such as a pawn..
sumtimes u sacrifice a knight n 2 pawn!!..
bt there is a price 2 pay when ur opponent accept ur sacrifice..
1)his/her piece development will b slow down..
2)king will b expose to danger..
3)allowed the user of gambit 2 hav a fast development and a few open file..
4)doesn't hav enough time 2 castling..

by the way, a gambit is offensive, and can b more offensive(depends on the user).
it wil allowed u to come out ur killing instinct(nt 2 kill ur opponent bt his king)..
it drives ur blood in ur vein(it makes u a feel like an assasin in the game)..

all that may sounds cool, bt a gambit user has its risk..
1)if u do nt develop in time, u wil b counter attack..
2)u must try 2 b persistent 2 attack ur opponent's king..or else u must face the consequences sumtimes..
3)dun allowed counter attack...

here r a few tips 4 d user:
1)u must hav a strong mind set that tells u that when u sacrifice a piece in a gambit, u must nt hav a thinking that makes u feel like recapturing ur oppenents piece 2 gain it back..(if u do that, then it means, u better of nt play gambit).
2)instead of recapturin back, u make used of ur opponents moves that has been used 2 capture ur pieces that u had sacrifice. do sumthing like, launchin an offensive attack n while his king is left un castled..

here r some tips do those that encountered gambit:
1) try nt 2 waste ur time 2 capture the pieces that has been placed 2 sacrifice.
2)instead, try 2 giv him back those piece u had capture if u wan 2 neutralise the gambit(by letting go back the piece u had capture, u can nultify the gambit)=)

here r a few openings 4 gambit.

Evans gambit:1)e4 e5
2)nf3 nf6
3)bc4 bc5
4)b5! Bxb5

morra gambit: 1)e4 c5
2)d4 cxd4
3)c3 dxc3
4)Nxc3 Nc6

I do not recommend queens gambit as it is in fact nt a gambit since it will end up recapturing the pawn it sacrifice...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

some computer problems..

What i am about to tell you is a very basic troubleshooting..

Situation:Your computer has some sort of virus but it keeps on coming and does not allows you to boot up your pc in a normal window..

First:Try recalling what was the last file that you had receive(exe files especially) from the internet or removable hard drive and pendrive. I had once encounter this and it was via msn where my "friend" send me a file saying that my photo is in it. I went and check the file..
It turn out to be an exe file after I had check the extansion of it by going to "tools" and click view extansion. So i change its extansion to a .jpeg and also .jpg but it doesn't turn out to be a pic after trying a few extansion.

Second:After recalling it, you boot up your computer in a "safe mode" via your BIOS.

Third:Click on your start menu and go to system tools and click "system restore".
Usually a restore point was made monthly. So you choose the date that before you receive the exe file.

Fourth: Don't be so happy about it yet, Since its now deactivate, the file would be still there. Delete it from there..if it stil doesn't work, then i am sorry..

hope this will come in handy to those out there although this sounds lame...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


yo, wassup?
well, before playing this game, i felt that this games sucks and boring...(no offense 2 u all dota players, k?)
but after I played it once....,
its a whole lot different story..hahax
it turn out to be an interesting game especially when u get excited using your hero to hit another.
of course my first match turn out to a lost since i was a noob back there in Jun 2008.
i start playing the game more frequent and manage to learn a few useful ways to play it frm my friends..
frm vs easy to insane. then AI+ insane..
it was fun i had 2 admit..
you want to noe wats anoying?
is tat when u r playin halfway or beginin, people start 2 ask u y buy tis buy tat?
all those things la..
sumtimes even when playin halfway, suddenly someone frm behind wil b tryin 2 take control of ur pc...it sounds stupid...
anyway, add me in gg, kaiyuan2
although i mayb noob a bit, bt hope u would add me.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

dunno wat 2 wrte

wat is d purpose of our existence in our life?
i dunno..
coz each of us serve diff purpose in life..

juz crapin back there..
i dunno wat 2 write..
if u r confuse on which stream u should go,then it can b said tat u came 2 d rite place.
well, basically think of wat u wan n nt others..
dun think tat art stream is lower than science stream..
means tat dun think tat by goin 2 art stream,people wil look down on u...
then again..,its ur choice..
if u hav passion 4 science.., then go 4 science..n vice versa..
dun think tat u r doin this bcoz someone told u so..
its bout time learn 2 make ur own choice..
its nt 2 late 2 turn back.., coz if u hav passion in it,then u can do it..=)

jokes of 4D

1)wat do u hav 2 say when u wan 2 tell a girl tat u like her?
In malaysia style, "eh.., i think i like u la.., can v go steady ah?"(copyrite claim by mun fuong)

2)wat do u hav 2 say when d same sex as u tell u tat he or she like u?
"....,i tell ah.., me n u won't work one..., seriously,k?"(copyrite claim by han seng)

3)when u wan 2 break up..,
"oleh kerana ku cinta pada mu, ku rela dibenci mu daripada menyakit hati mu seumur hidup"

4)when u wan 2 apologies 2 someone special..,
"i am sorry.., i dun mean it... So juz giv me a fortnite.., so i can make things rite"

5)when u haven finish ur homework n ur teacher is about 2 check ur work..
"teacher, can i go 2 d toilet please.., i go some stomach ache.."

6) when someone ask u wether u regret doin it...
"eh..., think i care ah..."(copyrite by chern kit)(jz jokin bout tis sentence,k?)

7)when u hav disturb someone n tat person was about 2 come n gt u..
"dey.., respect urself la please.."(copyrite by wei han)

8) need 2 borrow somethin..
"eh.., pear head.... borrow me la.."(by brandon)

Friday, July 18, 2008

life n lie..

life is full of lie..hahax..
i came wit a statement..
hope no offence..
when a guy lie, its obvious 2 people..
bt when a girl lie, nt many no.. n mayb none noe..
coz guys jz can't tell lie sometimes..
bt girls r sort of outsmart us..
no offence, k?

Sunday, July 13, 2008


there r two boys arround 13 years old who both newly shift to tis school..
and so, boy A spoke to boy B..

boy A:hello,nice 2 meet u.

boy B:...hello..(smile)

boy A:nice 2 meet u, i am XXXXXXXXXX(name has been kept unknown)

boy B: nice 2 meet u 2, i am XXXXXXXXXX

boy A: so whr is ur dad nw since he hav 2 come 2 collect u nw, rite?

boy B:....(tears drop from his eyes like fallin rain)

boy A:Wat is it?

boy B:my father... he is nt here anymore since i was 7..

boy A: omg, i am sorry 2 hear tat.. i did't noe he was...

boy B:NNNOOOOO..., tats nt wat i mean la..

boy A: then wat did u mean?

boy B: i mean tat he is nt here coz he was actually workin oversea for 6 years n did't hav time 4 me n my family..

boy A: i c... , no wonder y u cried..

boy B: well, u should b happy coz ur father is spend time wit u.. When i was 12, n i gt straight A's,
he wasn't there 2 celebrate 4 me.. N when i was 11, i got caught in an accident while he was oversea, he did't even make a call back here juz becoz he was 2 busy...

boy A:dun worry, i am sure things wil eventually turn up fine..=)

boy B: i guess so..

when boy A reach home..

boy B: hello, anyone home?

boy B's mum: hello, happy birthday, XXXXXXXX=)

boy B: thanx.., bt i dun think dad remmber tis, he does tat all d time..

boy B's mum: u sure?

boy B's dad apear from the door..

boy B's dad: hello, guess whose here 2day?

boy B: dad!!!!(over joy)

the end..hehe

so make sure u spend time wit ur family, k?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

live your life with no regrets n believe in god..

as i walk down d alley..
i saw a man wit a dirty clothes n was on a wheelchair.
saddness n regrets is all he can think of as though as his whole life has come 2 an end..
i ask him wat happen 2 him in d past..
so, he said when he was 27 he had a gud job n a stable one..
he was about 2 marry his beloved back there..
he has a loving parents as he was d ony child..
his cousins n their family weren't close to him due to some incident(which he did't wan 2 tell me)
so, on the day before he gt married..
there was tis client which he had 2 go 2 n help at tat very nite coz it was urgent..
so, he went.. leaving his wife 2 b n his family at home.
little did they noe.., there was tis group of armed robbers tat had juz rob a bank five km away..
tat group of robbers were tryin 2 find a place 2 keep their loot.. n they saw a house near by.
they than sneak in 2 d house..
first they saw the man's wife 2 b..
she wanted 2 shout for help as she saw them armed..
bt before she could do so, they.......
It was back where the man had juz finish wit his client..
he heard a news where there was a robbery near his house via d radio..
at once, he rush in to his car..n floor d pedal..
while on his way home, his heart is beatin fast.. n his mind was filled wit thougts n worries bout his family.. he saw flash backs bout his parents from d time they gav him love n bout his wife 2 b..
his life flashes..
he gt distracted n his car crash n he injured one of his leg..
when he woke up in d hospital, n shouted 4 his beloved name..
n ask bout his parents..
d police came in n told him everythin..
he gt shocked 2 hear tat news..
his life shatered like a mirror..
he couldn't take it..
n he felt regreted tat he could hav forgo his job tat nite n stay wit his family..
he thought 0f tat if ony he had.., mayb he could hav prevent tis..
he put all d blame on himself..n life wit regrets..
he gt fired coz he did't go for work for bout three months..
eventually, time passes by..
n so, here he is nw here talkin 2 me rite nw..
i told him tat he should keep his life moving..
wat had happen three years ago had happen..
4gt d past n move forward..
i told him tat it wasn't his fault..
n wat bout his life?
i told him tat things happen 4 a reason n arrange by god..
n nobody wants tis 2 happen either..
he took my words.., n gt on 2 his wheelchair..
two weeks later.., i was walkin down d same alley..
bt i did't saw him tis time round..
as i walk further, i saw a familiar figure across d street..
it was him.. bt he is standin n there was another unfamiliar figure beside him..
he soon approach me.., n said thank u.
he said tat he had tot back of wat i had said..,
two weeks ago,he try 2 gt up from his wheelchair..
n he successfuly did..
he said it was juz an psychology effect on his leg injury all tis while..
he then spoke again n tell me tat d happiest thing of all is tat his beloved gt out of coma last week..
i was happy 2 hear tat..=)

The story tat has been suspend.(tis part has been cut out 2 make d story suspend)(please read tis after u had read d above)
(continue from line number 17 )
bt before she could do so, they knock her down n she fell on the floor which causes her head 2 bleed..(cause her 2 hav coma)
the man's parents heard a sound n came in 2 d kitchen..
they were shot...(pass away n the man kneel at their grave for d three months which causes him not 2 work coz of his regrets..)
his wife almost pass away 2 bt was in coma n in a critical situation..
he was sad all his life leavin in d darkness wit no light nor shadow...
fill wit loneliness..
bt light came by n shine his darkness.
he believe in god tat made light exist in his darkness..
he had a happy life at d end wit his beloved n appriciate her n learn tat he should put his
family first b4 his work..=)
the end....

i dun think i wrote a gud story her so help me 2 improve it via comments..=)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

lesson tat i had learn 2day..

if u had read my previous post then u should b able 2 understand tis..
tat girl tat i had express out my feelin 2 has been u noe like wat i had said..
well, i actually juz wan 2 noe wether if she feels d same or nt..tats all..
i am nt askin her 2 couple wit me..bt i juz wan 2 noe her feelings tats all..(hope "u" r readin tis)
anyway, i learn an important thing..
u noe hw sad i was back then..
bt nw i am nt..
u noe y?
coz i learn n realize somethin..
somethin important in life..
is tat..
never be sad over somethin tat was never once yours..
coz u nvr own it before.. so there is no point bein sad of somethin tat wasn't once urs..
wat i'm tryin 2 say is tat i shouldn't b sad...
I did't lost her or anythin since she was nvr once mine..=)
sorry 4 wat i had stated in my previous post bout hw sad i was...hehe

Friday, June 27, 2008


2day was a sad day 4 me...
i dunno..
u noe when u express ur feelin 2 someone..
i gav her time 2 think over..
well, i dun think it wil work..
wats worse of all is tat.., i think she is avoidin me..
i won't expect 4 a answer like: "yes, i like u 2"
tat won't happen..
bt at least she should nt avoid me..
u noe it feels sad bein avoid n talk less..
it made me feel regreted expressin my feelin..
is it wrong? i did't force her 2 say yes..
where as i told her tat she can say no if she wan..
despite all tat.., d saddest part was bein avoid..
i dunno wat 2 do..
i gt scold by my teacher 4 nt enterin d class..n report my name 2 d displin teacher..
i was actually teachin my juniors hw 2 do d job..bt he did't care..
even when i went n apologise 2 him..bt he doesn't care n said nonsense..
anyway, my homework r risin up above my head..
n when i went home my mum n dad told me some things i did't quite agree on..
well, its one misery day....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


in whatever you do..,
there is definitely a few limits that u mite reach..
i had break a few limits in my chess..
it feels suck being stuck in that limit..
bt its like hell break free when u break d limit..=)
u wil also feel some satisfication afta breakin it..
bt its ain't easy breakin a limit..

rite nw, i'm facin another limit..
tryin 2 find other ways 2 improve myself..
u 2 can do it if u put in effort..
its all about passion n patient if u wanna break ur limit..
there was once it took me 2 years juz 2 break one limit..
bt it is easy 2 break one at d beginin.., when u juz started..
it gts harder each time..
as u mite find tat u hav difficulty in searchin 4 some room 4 improvements..=)
bt keep tryin til ya gt 2 break a few..

Sunday, June 15, 2008

exam stress..

exam exam..
b4 d exam.., i had a hard time study all d subjects..
chemistry n physics gav me enough headache..

During d exam.., so preasured doin it..

After exam, relax..
bt when i gt my result.., i feel so down..
coz i noe i could hav done better..
so, i must do better next time..

Any advice 4 chemistry n physics..?

Friday, June 13, 2008


addmath is ain't easy when i learn it at first..
becoz you can't feel the logic behind it at first..
bt after some time, i gt it..bt stil ony 2 manage 2 gt an A2..
addmath require a lot of practice n time consumin..
its worth it..
dun giv up in it..
practice makes perfect..
addmath is applicable in programin...xD

juz new here..

so, this is what they called blogging.
hmm.., intrestin..=)
this is my friendster link anyway,

Any advice for me about blogging?
anyway, basketball in d afternoon sure did makes me tired
nt due 2 me..bt d weather makes my shoes feel like it melt..haha