Wednesday, June 30, 2010

yeah, freedom

i woke up 2day at 5am.
no class 2day=)
fetch my bro to school and my grandma to my aunt's place.
went home and continue sleeping XD
quite the lazy.
i send them early so i can go back to sleep early.

Woke up at 11am.
okay, so i went swimming.
no one at pool.
its all mine man.
no need 2 worry ppl use ur lane.
After that, i went to giza to hav lunch.
it cost me rm15 and free parking.
had a nice lunch.
The funny thing when i had lunch is that i saw this female
who seems to be 20++
waiting for someone in another table.
waited for 30minutes==
that is like when i am done eating already.
So, there is this guy who came in a hurry.
First thing he said was that he is sorry that he was late.
Then he ask did he keep her waiting? how long?
she said that not really, only 5 minutes.

i was like ==
hmm..., guess that was their first few dates.
i think it will be different after few months.
Here is a simple illustration,
Same thing happen, guy ask the same thing again.
But this time the girl will be like
whats wrong with you? Why are you late?
You noe, making me wait here so long with my empty stomach.

okay, that is the scenario. =)
ps: monk-ed, i wan the torrent hack..ZZzzzz.. i noe u busy sketching girls.

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