Thursday, February 18, 2010


okay, someone requested me long time ago 2 talk a little bit bout myself.
So, thats wat i am gonna write a bit bout me 2day for a change.

hmm..., i am jz an average guy who works hard if determined.
if the weather from a sunny day suddenly change 2 rainy day, i will feel sick.
Sometimes chest crammed, the worse is teeth bleed. that is my weakest moment.
I think its got something 2 do with my lung.
i had weak lungs.
Here is my theory,
due to sudden change of weather, the surrounding air pressure change as well due to move movement of hot and cold air. These sudden change of pressure causes my lung to have some sort of low pressure. and causes it to cram. I am no bio student so i can't really elaborate properly.
lol... now a days not as bad as last time coz i noe hw to control my breathing 2 reduce to effect.

I had a habit of getting addicted to things easily.
Such as games, programing, and others.
I dun smoke nor do i take drugs(except medicine ==")

I dun really fancy having lots of wealth.
jz an average life will do.

i like programing coz its something interesting jz like chess.
I like to socialize, make new friends.

oh ya, i suck at art and i have no sense of music.

ermm.., thats bout it i guess.

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