Sunday, August 15, 2010

no u dun

No, u dun greet your friends on the road by knocking their car..
I am talking bout the rate of accidents anywayz...
ignore the 1st sentence.
still here??
okay, so accidents has occur a lot recently.
especially during the peek hours.
People tends to be less patient due to anxious feeling of wanting to go a certain destination.
Thus, they drive faster. and bang..., knock a car in front, side, back..(can't think of any other angle u can knock)
Then, when an accident occurs.., people tend 2 slow down to watch, even the opposite side(worse, very sampat). Trafic will squeeze into smaller lanes.
Of course that results in massive jam.
And people became less patient as the jam or wait increase..
Worse, some keep observing the accident, they didn't c themselves..then bang!!
another accident...
sad case..
sounds like some final destination shit..
busy man now.

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