Thursday, February 25, 2010

things tat i did in the past few weeks and days..

well, during cny..
there was one night,
i take a walk around my neighborhood.
wat i did was greet anyone i see happy chinese new year..
this action was nt 4 the sake of getting angpau.
most of them respond back to me by wishing me back.
some jz smile back maybe coz got no words to say..

i had been doing c++ past few weeks.
was fun as usual.
it was because i noe visual basic, thats y i dun really have much problem recently.
bt i gt a feeling that a big problem will come up to me.
thats the time where i have to put lots of effort and patience.

here is a little thing bout fighting or whatever u called it.
bet u didn't expect i noe anything bout it.
hmm..., in a fight, whether boxing, sparring, or anything.
a feint move or known as a fake move is quite dangerous.
its not the feint itself that is dangerous.
is the hit(punch, kick or anything else) that comes rite after the feint.
Cause if a person knows where he or she is about to be hit, he or she is more prepared and take less damage and shock.
but if it is a hit that u didn't expect or dunno where it comes from, it will deliver a blow strong enuf to damage u not only physically but also mentally.
One of the ways to so called deal with feints is that u look ur whole opponent as one object.
That way you could clearly see whats actually coming.
it need lots of experience though.
Some pro can throw feints at you without much movements.
Of course, some feints may be obvious.

hmm.., thats bout it..
wat a random thing to right about 2day.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


okay, someone requested me long time ago 2 talk a little bit bout myself.
So, thats wat i am gonna write a bit bout me 2day for a change.

hmm..., i am jz an average guy who works hard if determined.
if the weather from a sunny day suddenly change 2 rainy day, i will feel sick.
Sometimes chest crammed, the worse is teeth bleed. that is my weakest moment.
I think its got something 2 do with my lung.
i had weak lungs.
Here is my theory,
due to sudden change of weather, the surrounding air pressure change as well due to move movement of hot and cold air. These sudden change of pressure causes my lung to have some sort of low pressure. and causes it to cram. I am no bio student so i can't really elaborate properly.
lol... now a days not as bad as last time coz i noe hw to control my breathing 2 reduce to effect.

I had a habit of getting addicted to things easily.
Such as games, programing, and others.
I dun smoke nor do i take drugs(except medicine ==")

I dun really fancy having lots of wealth.
jz an average life will do.

i like programing coz its something interesting jz like chess.
I like to socialize, make new friends.

oh ya, i suck at art and i have no sense of music.

ermm.., thats bout it i guess.

a great cny.

so, during cny.
2 of my friends namely ben and c.j came 2 my house.
Well, we had lots to talk about and played a lot.
had a great time with them.

okay, nw is the time for me 2 put in more effort after a good rest.=)

I actually had some target i wanna achieve before i start my foundation in apiit/ucti.
1)Gonna nt play dota 4 1 month.(done that during january)
2)win 5 times consequently in garena.(done that rite after january)
3)finish vb6.0(done tat during january)
4)finish c++ (doing it now)
5) either learn java or SQL( haven done yet)
6)get my driving license(haven yet)

As you can see, things are pretty pack here.haha
so, i got to be fast.
coz time is a limited asset to us human.
use it wisely and not being a liability to others(sounds like an accountant)


Saturday, February 13, 2010

happy chinese new year 2 u all=)

so its cny.
everyone is going around collecting angpau..opps, i mean visiting.

its also valentine's day.
for those who are couple,
well, have a good day and enjoy urself with your partner.
dun let them wait 2 long.
and also for those who are single,
try ur luck la.. who noes?haha..
finally, for those who are single and cannot get anyone jz like me..well, jz enjoy ur cny..haha

being single is ok man..
u r nt alone..
u always have urself... and ur

of to go collecting...ermm.., i mean visiting

Friday, February 12, 2010

driving on the highway.

it was my 2nd lesson on driving.
ermm.., my instructor ask me 2 drive 2 subang using the subang highway.
hmm..., quite scary at first as i can see a lot of 'pro' driver on the highway there
moving zig-zag.
but then later it was fun, i like the feeling when i speed up.
changing the gear.
then when corner turn: clutch, change 2 lower gear, accelerate.
wow, was a nice exp.
hmm..., after the lesson, went back using another highway.
was very jam and packed.
had to play with the clutch and accelerator a lot.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


so, valentine n cny is coming..
so what does this means?

yeah., collect ang pau.
And this calls for bachelor party.haha

jz jk.
that is if i can't find anyone.
who wants me anyway?

i am gonna be a bit greedy.
i am going 2 learn c++ and SQL at the same time.

hopefully can master it by march..haha


Thursday, February 4, 2010


ok, its done.
The simple data program which can access database's tables.
Ermm.., it cannot do report yet of coz nor it has a proper form.
Click here to download it

i now thinking whether should i play a little longer with vb or should i go 2 c++?

life goes on even u stop..

ok, the title was jz for show.
its jz 4 the sake of updating my blog.XD

after i train chess a bit, i went to yahoo and play chess with ppl.
Then i also play with the chess titans(some chess program in windows7).
I was able to beat its highest lvl.
bt i think it is noob la.
cannot be strong, coz i hadn't played for a long time.

I realize how much i like to use gambit.
gambit its like sacrifice anything to speed up and kill.
Bt thats the risk. And if the attack flow is stop, the user will have a hard time.
So, u have to keep building up your attack.
It means abandoning your materials in return of speed.

My programing went quite fine.
Crack my head as the usual.
Finally able to create a program that can access any database u want.
its easy actually.
Only coz ppl like me who are slow need more time.haha

btw, projectKai_Mun_kok will be continue next week. after a long break.