Wednesday, March 3, 2010


yes, finally done halfway for my c++ tutorial..
i think other ppl would had finish it by now..
i set my own deadline..
so, no worries.

in c++
to show strings or text.
you use: cout << "Text" << endl;
to receive you use: getline (cin,Variable);

in the int main ()
always end your statement with ;
Unless it is some sort of control structure.
such as
"for(n=0; n < variable or constant ; n++)
{ statements;}"

btw, tis is the best c++ tutorial i see so far
lol, its been a while i didn't give tutorial.
for those who want to noe things in vb(visual basic) go to those old post of mine.
or you can request some samples from me.
i am a generous man..ok?
gt 2 gt busy..

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