Saturday, November 10, 2012

Study means smart?

Sorry, but studying in college doesn't actually makes you a lot smarter than other people.

Take it for instance in one of today's newspaper's incident.
A person with only an education level of up to standard 6 was able
to con a businessmen who i assumed to be more educated than the conman.
The person manage to con about RM2.4million according to the newspaper.

Oh wait, i forgot, most ppl from my generation seldom
read newspapers now a days.

bt its okay, they get their news from facebook which
will always have the most up to date news.
However do note that information from facebook news or post may not be that accurate or reliable.

 So, point being is that in most con cases if any of you actually notice this pattern,
the victim are usually well educated people.
And to my surprise(not so surprise anymore) most of the conmen were not
well educated.

How is that possible??
I would bet my money on greediness.
Sometimes, no matter how "smart" or "educated" you are, but once when u get greedy,
you are no difference than being as dumb as a rock.

I would say that people with lower education qualifications who are able to con ppl usually
possess good soft(communication) skills.
This now make more sense doesn't it?
Better soft skills, means better in influencing and convincing the victim.

And yup, plus the victim who are greedy will get blinded from the obvious tricks that the
conmen will pull off.
When its all over, well..., most of the time its already too late.
The money is long gone, and so as your pride.
I mean, you wouldn't actually be proud of yourself for being conned rite?

So, my advice would be
"Less greed, less trouble~"

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