Sunday, November 14, 2010

and so...

and so my journey continues as a student.
A student is a person learns...
lol.. dun need me 2 explain that.

Anyway, allow me to relate it with our current life.
Students these days...., (sounds more like kids these days)
From young they are spoon feed with knowledge.
Like a mother feeding her child.
I am not saying that it is totally wrong.
Yes, at the beginning of education for a child is to be spoon feed.
And suppose, gradually, hopefully they will depend less on people especially teachers.
As education goes higher, student are suppose to think more for themselves as in point of view.
Sadly, not so happy, that the education system lately not just in Malaysia, but in almost everywhere is based on spoon feed system.=(

Proof you ask me??
Most subjects in primary school and secondary school is based on memory.
Although some more practical type of subjects exists such as addmath, but most teachers made in away and tell students this,"You dun need to know why, you just follow only and you will get your answer".
Sounds familiar?
Thats why if you go around asking students about practical things.
most of them failed to answer it or gave a answer that is very theoretical.

Students are suppose to be educated or train to not just memories theories but also understand and apply it.
Yeah, you heard it.
To know is one thing, to understand is another, to apply is not easy.
3 general phases.

So, those student who especially in college complaining about lecturer and not doing anything for themselves are a bunch of lazy asses..
Come on, how old are you?
Still need people to feed you?
Go do your own research.
at least some complain but still put effort.
Dun give excuses such as "I am not like him or her, I cannot do it", "You think everyone is like you?"
Lazy Asses Making Excuses..

Now, some maybe thinking that if "I" the writer is just talking shit.
Oh ya, its my blog man, my world, freedom of expression.
As long as i put no names in here then its ok.
Dun take life so serious btw.=)
Just try your best and be happy you did try.

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