Saturday, July 17, 2010

y la so emo?

y la so emo?
wait.., y am i repeating the title?
nvm..., bt dun gt emo by it

i mean people can be sad at times..
but u dun hav to be too sad..
coz u will make other people demotivated as well..
not saying that u can't be sad..
u hav all the right to do so.
but you don hav 2 over do it.
hey, but u noe what?
i and everyone else here has no right to change or judge you.
we can only say and comment.
So, if that makes you okay, then go on with it.=)
coz different people different thoughts..
thus, different way of doing things.

if possible any of u reading tis can giv some comments or in my cbox on ur opinion on ppl being too emo.

Btw, here is something i sort of learn by reading a book called Embracing Change: Essential Steps to Make Your Future Today by Tony Buzan.

time is always moving.
changes is always happening with time.
You or we are a part of change.
thus, we can never stop ourselves from changing.

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