Friday, August 26, 2011


Damn.., i felt so lazy right now.
too much sleep i guess.
But its been so long i had a good sleep.
Ever since my degree started.hahax..
this week i can sleep at least like around 11pm
which is gud.

hmm..., yeah..,
bout the topic..
its for ppl who are really lazy..
If u wanna learn programming, at least try borrowing some books 1st or
go google it..
At least put some effort in.., dun just sit down n complain..
Then when the time comes, u say lecturer no gud and stuffs..

And yeah, I am not good in programming btw..
I am jz normal..
Jz like to explore..
I am still human jz like the rest of ya.

So, make sure you do the 1st step,
that is to get started..
Then if u r stuck halfway,
then complain(you have the right to do that).. then keep trying..
That would be ok for me.

If any of u felt offended reading this,
means u r lazy..
coz google jz takes a few seconds to click..
and read..

for the love of God and all that is GOOD...,
please google something if u dun get it..then ony ask.
ppl in India have not much chance to use the internet as it is limited.
So, appretiate it.
If u can go fb..., then of coz u can go google something.

i really appretiate some ppl in my college who really put effort in it.
At least there is ppl who can stand on themselves, compare to what the ppl in Carbon's college.. from what he told me.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

okay, i did wrong=(

well, i did something that i was not proud of yesterday.
And yes, one of my friend told me that "I won't forgive you"

I didn't really expect much of that sentence to be an impact.
But yeah, I couldn't sleep last night.
It kinda hurts when someone tells you that.

As it was my fault of course, I lost my temper a bit.

hmm...., at least it proof that I am still human.
Things ain't going well=(

Screw up my java programming..
Dunno y keep getting error reading file.

haiz..., jz aint my week.

Friday, August 12, 2011

too serious too soon.

as usual, busy with my things.
hmmm..., this semester i learn a lot.
I learn Java, javascript, html, php and asp.
its a bit a lot.haha

Though i think i could have done better.
I was talking about the website me and teammates design for a company,
there are a lot of things we are gonna add soon.
but assignments are pilling up=(
that can't be good ya noe.haha

ppl tend to rush in a lot of things,
but life is not that simple sometimes, things may not go as what you want it to.
I hope i can finish my assignments by next week.
and then i can continue the website.

Its a company that sells agriculture product.hahax..

My first website.
it was the first time i struggle a lot in one month, to learn a lot.
Its a nice feeling when you are force to learn so much in order to get something done.
thats how i learn.

damn, why ppl keep asking me if i gt a girlfriend or not? and when i said no, they ask me why dun i go get one.

hahax... kk
busy man.