Saturday, August 21, 2010

self defence is important??

self defence is martial art or so tat is wat many ppl think..
ermm.., many ppl gt the wrong idea that gud martial art is where u can wack ppl like wat u saw in the movies in IP-Man, wing chun.

martial art is wat it is depending on how u use it.
like wat ip-man said.., ten ppl come.. best thing 2 do is run..
no matter how pro u are.., many one 2 many combat is nt easy..
its jz a movie after all..
last time when i 1st learn aikido, i asked the same question 2 my sensei.
so, watching tat movie in tat part makes me laugh.
jz tat i dun end up kena chase by many ppl.

okay, back 2 main topic..
self defence, most of them emphasis on 1 to 1 combat..
so, if 1 to many.., jz run..
Knowing self defence is gud if for gud practice and use.
But being street-wise is far more important..,
coz tat can save urself..
Being street-wise in the sense that being aware of your surrounding.
Knowingly what happening or is someone following you.
In lay-mans term, instinct.
that is prevention.
as they always say, "prevention is better than cure or defends"

There was tis mom tat came 2 my sensei's dojo..
ask us 2 train her daughter technique..==
straight away
she is a freaking 4 years old...
who barely even talks much or understand much..
asking her to do some basic movement is hard enuf..
u think ur daughter is genius ah? or we are god ah?
martial art needs patience, time...
nt in one day or weeks...
u dun think tis is like those tution where they hav intensive class..
n u cannot force ur child like tat..
if she dun wan, ma dun wan la.
wat for spoil her childhood.
let her enjoy it.
treasure it as a gud memory.

my friend, a gal ask me and my friend hw 2 defend herself..
then at last she ask wat if some ppl tie her or hold her both hands and leg..
or push her down....
hey, we are not god la...
if kena till like tat.., then jz kena lor..
wat can do??
tats y being streetwise is important.
martial art is more like a lifestyle or culture instead of self-defence.

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