Thursday, July 8, 2010


okay, first fact: hypocrite is someone who pretends or lie about something he or she thinks or belief but actually doesn't and vice-versa.
2nd fact: we are all hypocrites...
3rd fact: denying the 2nd fact already makes you one.

quite the free rite?
jz came back from gym.
its been a long day.
brought mei-chan out to teach her parking==
amazingly she parks better than me but dunno why that day she cannot.
then went to the curve to look for her musical thing.
walk around..luckly i rmb where she park my car or else we will nvr go home.

dunno why victor tmr nt coming.
haiz, means only me and mei-chan.
tee kay also not there,
boring like that la.
during the journey usually got many ppl to talk to.
at least dun feel tired.

oh ya, forgot about the c++
next time ba.haha(lazy)

okay, that is an example of procrastination.
delaying task or work intentionally.
hey, that was what i just needed for my essay in time management.
Not bad, spontaneous ideas coming out.
better start my work.


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