Tuesday, July 6, 2010

and so...

sorry blue pasta, coz for what i rmb i started it on sunday rite?
that thing save it wrongly i guess?

lol, btw, i had been wondering what was my motivation all these while.
So, i run some analysis..haha
Found out that sleeping and lazyness was my motivation.
this is how it works:
1) In my mind, i want to sleep and rest/
2) i need to get the work done
3) i tell myself the faster i get tis done, the faster i can sleep.
4) Thus, sleeping makes me do my work=)

some, critical thinking statements.lol

c.k should take critical thinking though,
it suits his personality.haha

I am sort of worried bout my assignment.
got a bad feeling this.

I wonder if the world is actually flat and not sphere?
hmm..., mayb it is? but there are lots of theory that proves it is sphere.
Like, sunset.

Continue c++, so u will soon see some c++ tutorial soon.
if u r lucky that is, coz lazyness can be my strength and my weakness.haha

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