Friday, July 4, 2014

Do not lose your way.

So, apparently a lot of people talk about how we should have our own way of thinking.
As in like we should stick to the way that we are most comfortable with.
However, lets just be honest that most of us are hypocrites ourselves(including me) at times.
Most of the time, we just follow the majority.
This is due to the build-in survival mechanism that has been hardwired into our head.
Our ancestors lives in packs to survive, so we tend to follow the majority so that we won't be left out.

Okay, enough of psychology 101, lets get back to the topic.

Allow me to take studying as an example:

For people like me, I do not have a good memory when it
comes to memorizing things that do not make sense to me especially history.
I need to know the reasoning and logic behind it, in order to memorize it.
Sadly, in the current education system, it is not the way how it works.

In fact, most people just memorize it without understanding it.
Yes, they maybe able to acknowledge it and explain it in theory.
But what about practical applications?
Not many people will be able to do that..
A simple proof will be that we often hear this sentence,

"The things that I had learned in university are not applicable in my work"

I am not saying that I was able to apply all of the things I learned,
but at least I manage to apply quite a number of it.
Some people said that my method takes up too much time and
it is better to wait for the lecturers to give hints(tips) on what to study for the exam.

Call me stupid or dumb, but I normally study everything for the exam.
Did i score well? Nah, just average marks.
But hey, at least I manage to get through my degree with a first class honors.

My point is that, for those who have their own way of doing something,
as long as it does not affect other ppl such as taking up their time,
go on ahead with your methods.
Let them say whatever they please, it is your life after all, not theirs.
If you follow their method and it did not work well for you,
it is not like they will feel responsible for it.

You do not have to be the majority of the monkeys in the experiment.
Sorry if this post sounds more like a rant.

Of course, when it comes to working in a group,
we have to give and take to coordinate the workflow.

For more info about human survival:

To know what is the monkey experiment that I had mentioned:

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Well, It has been a while

It has been a while since I posted anything here.
I was really busy with my studies and job hunting.

So, currently I finished my final exams and started working as a Java Analyst.
Found the job via KLCC career fair, I would recommend people who are looking for jobs to go career fairs.

Here is an advice for people who planned on going to career fairs in the future:

1) Before you hand over your resume to any company at their booth, at least try to have a conversation with them. That way, they will remember you better.

2) The last time I went to a career fair there is this session where they allow you to talk to the HR from different companies. Try to ask the organizer if they have it.

3) Always be honest, dun oversell or undersell yourself.

There are also other mediums to find jobs too, such as JobStreet and Linkedin.
Or if you want to look for jobs from Singapore, you can try

So, that is about it for today.
Will probably start writing once a week again.