Monday, December 26, 2011

I dun need anyone!

Well, as you can see the title above,
it stated "I dun need anyone".

Some times, people say something like that out of
dissapointment, anger or stress.
It can be a lot of other reasons why they said that.

However, having to have said that, some of them
who spoke that are most likely to actually need someone.
strange but true~
I am not saying it applies to everyone or
this is 100% true.
Just that this happen to most people even myself at times.

When they say they "dun need anyone",
its because they need some time to think within themselves.
its like searching for the answers within your head.
More like googling within your head.hahax..

It works for some people because they are able to remain calm
and slowly identify the problem.
But for some people, it will be like going around in circles.hahax..
So, some of these people might need other people's help.
Other people's help not as an ADVISOR but as a LISTENER.

So, when i said some of them actually need someone, i meant a listener.
Dun be an advisor right from the start, best to hear it out 1st.

Let that person release some of those problems,
this will enable the person to be more calm after that.
The more calm you are, the clearer you see things.
And vice-versa as well.

If you still dun get what i mean,
then allow me to elaborate further.

Take it this way, you are walking on a path like a road.
And that road leads you to your goal.
Problems are like rocks that falls and appear in your way.
They block you from your goal.

Sometimes, those problems(rocks) can be too much
or overwhelming that it ends up creating a MAZE
for you.

So, sometimes you kept on focusing the other part of the maze.
And that made you not being able to see the entire problem(maze) or not
being able to look at the current rock in front of you.

well, there are many ways to look at the MAZE(problem).
Its just how you analyse it calmly.

i dun have much time to write.hahax..

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I lost myself =(

i feel like shit now.
no, not as in going to toilet~

well, i felt confuse a bit.
Everyone wants to fight for what they believe in.
They want to show that they are not wrong.
In other words to proof that they are correct.

However, due to this..
Some start to proof other people's belief wrong.
This is so that they can make themselves feel that they are right.
What kind of cowardly act is that??
If you want to show that what you belief is the truth,
then show it but not by stepping on others.

When you keep proving other people wrong,
then what is there right about you??
You are not always correct~

You have the right to belive in what u had in your belief.
But that doesn't give you the right to force other people into accepting your belief...
Do you like it if other people do the same to you?

If you want other people to accept your belief,
they must at least be doing it willingly with knowing what is it about.
Be transparent i would say.
And when i said willingly it means that they asked you about it.
Or maybe you can explain it to them at times.
But not forcing them..

btw, what i had wrote is not only for religion but also way of doing things whether in family or workplace.

Well, human are simple creatures but yet with the most complicated problems.hahax..

okay, enough said~
back to my scripting tasks~

Sunday, December 11, 2011

was busy.hahx..

hey, sorry for not updating.
Was busy with making websites, doing my assignments and bla bla bla..

Anyway, just wanna talk a share with u guys a little something.
Sometimes, awkwardness doesn't usually happens until one person started adi.
Usually it may goes like this,
for the girl, "Well, he doesn't talk to me".
for the guy. "She started to avoid me".

In fact, at times, its both side at the same time.
The fact that when a person started to feel a bit of awkwardness, he or she will react the same way.
It may sound so not true, but yeah, it happens.hahax..
Can see this kind of situation quite a lot in my college.
There is no cure for this, just bare with it.hahax..
or if u want, asked that person directly why is he or she doing so.
however, its pointless asking that person.
usually you will get some reasons that dun make sense.haha..

anyway, thats all.
i wrote a bunch of nonsense.hahax..

Saturday, November 19, 2011

everyday when u wake up...

When you wake up every morning,
you should be lucky that you are able to.
coz some ppl did not get that chance to do so.

Some ppl were infected by some diseases or maybe die due to accident
or whatsoever.
You do not know when you will be gone.
sometimes life can be unexpected.hahax..

So, do appreciate for those that are around you.
Make sure you live your life.
Don't wait till something happen then only you start.

Be happy always to be able to see
the ppl you care for.=)

anyway, i find this post so emo.
Ain't like me at all.hahax..
nah, dun worry, no shit will happen to me.
I still got many things i want to do.hahahaa...

damn busy now, in a good way=)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Well, its ain easy as it seems :|

I noe its been a long time i had not update my blog.
I tot no one will read it=(
well, lucky for me, i have at least one reader,
that is non other than Jessica.=D

well, i made a lot of decisions lately.
And i am telling ya, those decision were ain't easy.
hahax.. i think most ppl will feel the same when they make theirs.
for most ppl, their situation is the most important compare to others.
There is always this sentence that they might say to themselves,
"My problem is bigger than anyone elses problem"

anyway, forgive me for the sidetrack above.
Its a very bad habit of mine.hahax..

Sometimes in life you can't have best of both world.
When you make a choice to have something, you need to let go
something else.
You cannot be greedy to have both.
Coz if you want to have both, at the end you will end up with neither one of it.

Same thing like if a girl knows two guys going after her.
She needs to choose and not saying that she wants both.
If she wants both, there will be a terrible consequences.

So, in life, just make a choice.
Dun have to worry too much, after all,
things will slowly fall pieces by pieces like pieces from a jig-saw puzzle.
And then all those pieces will form into one picture,
that is your life.

However do not blame ppl for when bad things happen,
coz most of the time it was your choice.
So, point to yourself before you blame others.

Okay, thats all i guess.hahax..
thank you so much, Jessica.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Life: where faith and dreams will collide.

Well, sometimes you believe in something
for quite some time.
but as time past, you do have goals and dreams.

And sometimes in order for you to achieve them,
you have to go againts something you believe in, faith.

I wouldn't relate this totally to religion because faith isn't just about god.
It maybe a principle as well.

Speaking of principle it can make you
a responsible person but at the same time it can be
your downfall as it is also pride(one of the 7 deadly sin).

This is as much as i want to write.
Gotta learn how to play around with C# and silverlight.hahax..

btw, i am done with the basics of C including pointers.
All there is left is to apply it into a program.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

i promise...

Hey, guys.
I promise to make sure I can know the basics of at least
3 programming language by the end of this year.
This is my pledge to myself.
I think those 3 will be,silverlight and c language(not c++).

hmm..., if i cannot complete these, I dun deserve to be
in the IT world.
this is because the world is moving really fast.
What I know now may not be relevant next time.
So, for now, i must make use of the time i have.
Of coz, i will relax also la.
This will be more on time management.


Friday, August 26, 2011


Damn.., i felt so lazy right now.
too much sleep i guess.
But its been so long i had a good sleep.
Ever since my degree started.hahax..
this week i can sleep at least like around 11pm
which is gud.

hmm..., yeah..,
bout the topic..
its for ppl who are really lazy..
If u wanna learn programming, at least try borrowing some books 1st or
go google it..
At least put some effort in.., dun just sit down n complain..
Then when the time comes, u say lecturer no gud and stuffs..

And yeah, I am not good in programming btw..
I am jz normal..
Jz like to explore..
I am still human jz like the rest of ya.

So, make sure you do the 1st step,
that is to get started..
Then if u r stuck halfway,
then complain(you have the right to do that).. then keep trying..
That would be ok for me.

If any of u felt offended reading this,
means u r lazy..
coz google jz takes a few seconds to click..
and read..

for the love of God and all that is GOOD...,
please google something if u dun get it..then ony ask.
ppl in India have not much chance to use the internet as it is limited.
So, appretiate it.
If u can go fb..., then of coz u can go google something.

i really appretiate some ppl in my college who really put effort in it.
At least there is ppl who can stand on themselves, compare to what the ppl in Carbon's college.. from what he told me.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

okay, i did wrong=(

well, i did something that i was not proud of yesterday.
And yes, one of my friend told me that "I won't forgive you"

I didn't really expect much of that sentence to be an impact.
But yeah, I couldn't sleep last night.
It kinda hurts when someone tells you that.

As it was my fault of course, I lost my temper a bit.

hmm...., at least it proof that I am still human.
Things ain't going well=(

Screw up my java programming..
Dunno y keep getting error reading file.

haiz..., jz aint my week.

Friday, August 12, 2011

too serious too soon.

as usual, busy with my things.
hmmm..., this semester i learn a lot.
I learn Java, javascript, html, php and asp.
its a bit a lot.haha

Though i think i could have done better.
I was talking about the website me and teammates design for a company,
there are a lot of things we are gonna add soon.
but assignments are pilling up=(
that can't be good ya noe.haha

ppl tend to rush in a lot of things,
but life is not that simple sometimes, things may not go as what you want it to.
I hope i can finish my assignments by next week.
and then i can continue the website.

Its a company that sells agriculture product.hahax..

My first website.
it was the first time i struggle a lot in one month, to learn a lot.
Its a nice feeling when you are force to learn so much in order to get something done.
thats how i learn.

damn, why ppl keep asking me if i gt a girlfriend or not? and when i said no, they ask me why dun i go get one.

hahax... kk
busy man.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

update sial...

so, its been a long time.
yeah..., i was lazy.
as in really lazy to update this blog.
I was kinda busy in fact.

I am now busy making a website for a company.
I had to admit that i am not satisfied with the outcome of my work.
I feel that we(as a team) could have done better.
Its partially my fault for not organizing the team properly.

I challenge myself to learn java, php, asp and c++ by the end of this year.
So far, i touched all of them but not so gud in any.hahahx...

jack of all trades and master of none.

btw, do i look that old or mature?
coz my new friends seems to think i am already 22 or so.

Its a gud thing, at least i dun look like a kid anymore.

plus, my friends says that i am too serious at my task.
"all work and no play, makes jack a dull boy", the saying goes.
bt if i dun get serious now, then when will I start being serious?

Friday, June 10, 2011



Sunday, May 15, 2011


first of all,
i guess most people had lie before.
they had their reasons i guess.
Whether for their own or for others.

Anyway, here is the main thing today.

Okay, when we were young,
we were told by our parents and teachers not to lie.
Basically most adults told you not to tell lie.
And so some of you did and some did not.

The thing is this,
As we grew up...
you know, you got bigger and meet more people.
Suddenly you were told to lie, and the truth should not be told at times.

People fear of things,
adults tell you to be truthful when you are young.
But as you grow up, when you want to tell the truth about certain thing,
you were told not to do so.
Instead, you are ask to tell a lie.

Very contradicting isn't it?

example, when you are working with your boss.
Although its his fault at times, but you get the blame.
People then tell you not to say its your boss fault as you might get fired.

Your relative did something wrong, and you want to point it out.
However your parents tell you not to do so, as it will hurt the relative's pride.
And might severe the relationship between families.

Sometimes you need to please certain people by lying to them.

Why is it the things we had learn when we were young is somehow different in the real world??

Is it because this world is getting corrupted or our teachings are wrong?

opinions please=)

anyway, sometimes i gotta be the "bad guy"
to make certain things happen.
I admit, i lied, wat about you?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

it will rip ya from the inside if u do not let it out.

As I had mentioned about comfort zone.
Let me tell you a little something.

Its okay to confine yourself in your comfort zone sometimes, but remember,
do not always use it when you have any problem.
And hoping that the problem will just pass and move on.

That is what we called moving on..
Its called running away from problem.

If you leave that problem unsolved, hoping it will just pass as time.
You are so wrong, its gonna haunt you till the end of your life.
trust me.hahax..

Sometimes, we have to step out from our comfort zone.
Step out and face reality.
Smell the morning coffee.
oh yea, did i mention that i like coffee?
hahax.. opps..., sidetracked.

Hiding in your comfort zone,
sure it protects you from the outside danger.
but it does not protect you from what is inside you.
Yes, that thing inside you will rip you inside out.

of coz, it may not be that obvious.
Its like a slow-acting poison.

Btw, i am not saying that we must not have a comfort zone.
we all have that, but use it wisely please.

When a person step out from the comfort zone, that person will obtain new experience and evolve.
whether for good or bad.hahax..


Friday, May 6, 2011


Well, the truth seems like something that is right.
But due to the society now a days,
the truth turns out to be things that satisfy the majority.

Which means, whatever the minority thinks might not be considered as the truth.
As mentioned, most people only want to listen what they want,
taking that as the truth.
Their desires blinded them from seeing things what they are suppose to see sometimes.

well, we are humans after all, so let there be room for mistakes.

Now, what is a comfort zone?
okay, everyone has it whether if its with their family, a place, in their head or just anywhere.
why do people want to feel secure?
please refer to This Post

anyway, its because people were so afraid of the unknown, they fear to open themselves up.
They fear that it will go against their comfort zone, a place where they feel safe.

As for me, I do have one too.

Some people, have to hold an object to calm themselves down,
some maybe a pen or key or whatever.
As for my case, its a chess book.
I always read it when i feel nervous.

jz paraphrasing the previous post.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


who are the fools?
you? me? them? us?
lets see...,hahax..

sorry that i had been away for such a long time.
well, guess no readers would be reading this though.

People who reject other people's ideology or way of thinking..
Those people doing that without thinking much,
do you know why some of them did that?

It is because they were afraid of being wrong.
For what they had know were what they think as the "truth".
If people tell them something that is different from it,
they will tend to shut their ears and reject it straight away.

For it will bring them out from their comfort zone.
It was something to be afraid of, outside your comfort zone.
A zone where you have to fear of the unknown.

People only want to here what they want to hear, and for them,
it was the truth.
rejecting other ideas that deviate from the "truth".

What I am saying is that..
the moment one shut his or her ears, the moment that person becomes a fool..
In other words, people who stop listening, then start to become a fool.

n I am a fool..

i noe.
its boring?haha

Saturday, March 19, 2011



do u agree that 1+1=2
and 1+2=3?

if you do, take a look at this.

husband + wife = husband + wife + child

meaning 1+1=3?
that is weird ya noe.

Now, this is something else,

husband + liability = husband + 2liability
husband = husband + liability

Does this prove that we humans are already born with a liability right from the start?
or is it the math we learn was wrong?
i dunno..., i was jz giving some random statements.

Monday, March 14, 2011

edu fair

oh yeah, i was working in the edu fair few days ago in midvalley.
some of u may have seen me.
hmm..., get to know a few new friends.

met a very sarcastic auntie also.
saw a perverted guy who took pictures with the sony ericson's show girl.

a few college who offer baking courses were there as well.
get to try some of their cookies, cakes and so on.

well, its a gud experience indeed.
learn many new things also.
manage to collect some data that i wanted.

btw, if anyone wants to know a how to read ppl's body language, can try tis
This one
and this one as well

Monday, March 7, 2011

Results from some quiz=)

You Are 70% Extrovert, 30% Introvert
You are quite outgoing
You are a social connector - you know a ton of people
While you aren't a wild extrovert, you are a great talker
You are a fantastic storyteller, and you keep everyone laughing

Extroversion: 60%
The Introvert-Extrovert Test
says that I'm Balanced
You are fairly balanced in your introvert-extrovert personallity. You like going out, but like to have time to yourself as well. You typically have a few great friends, and many that you can hang around with.

-have motives and actions that are directed outward.
-are more prone to action than contemplation.
-are typically very friendly to unknown people.
-feel empowered in social situations.

-have motives and actions that are directed inward.
-tend to be preoccupied with their own thoughts and feelings.
-minimize their contact with other people.

You're an outtie! You thrive in social situations. Careers suitable for you involve quick responses like emergency services. You'd be a good mediator, stockbroker, and pilot because you love logical analysis and decisive action. Your personality leads you to focus on the present moment. When friends describe you, they think you're a spontaneous, fun person. Your unplanned behavior can get you into trouble sometimes so it helps to think and reflect on what you say and do. The Big Talk Training Course at can help you talk and make friends more easily.

Thus, i am an extrovert

Saturday, March 5, 2011

answers to questions.

Do all questions need an answer?
sometimes the answer didn't really matters.
And sometimes, the question isn't the main thing.
It can be something else.

This is my advice to guys who are going after any girl and for a long term relationship.
Some may not get it at first but you soon will.
Whether via the easy way or the hard way.

Anyway, i went to IMU.
Their place is a freaking shopping mall.
Nt the fact that its just big.
Its equipped with escalators as well.
Bt of coz no shop lots la.
That time i had to use my new name, Chris.
Coz nt easy 4 ppl to rmb my name.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

whats the big fuss?

Recently my eating habit becomes kinda disorder.
i eat lesser during the day and more during the nite.

Lets talk on career a bit for today.

okay, when you are studying,
you can choose to learn something generalize like General IT.
or maybe accounting.
Or you can choose to be specialize in something.

In between something specialize or general,
which one do you prefer more?

Well, there is no right or wrong.
Either one is okay.
Since both have their pros and cons.

Well, if are specialize in something,
its nice to learn it if you are really interested in that particular thing.
You are most likely to be employable if the job is looking for someone who is specialize in it.
Example, networking type of job.

As for general, you can always choose to go for any type of job.
Your range of job will be wide.
However, people might choose those who are specialize over you.
But, then again, it always comes back to you.
How do you sell yourself??
That is the question.

Remember.., always sell yourself.
Not asking you to literally put a price tag on yourself.

Make sure you have value to the company you are working for.
Stress out what you can do for them that others might not.


Saturday, February 19, 2011


okay, how many of u out there wanted to just quit ur life before?

hmm..., people suicide usually because of something they could not face or embrace in the future.
you noe when u play video games and u quit the game when u noe u gonna lose.
Well, its the same.

dun get it?
hmm..., allow me 2 illustrate a few example:

A clerk named mr.c who had to support his family financially.
during 1997, when Malaysia was facing economy crisis, he was sack due to retrenchment.
He could not thought of how to support his family as he was the sole breadwinner of the family.
click here to noe more about what happen in 1997
After all, he bought a house, a car and a few things which require him to borrow money from the bank.
In heavy debt, whats worse?
He also invested a large sum of money in share market which he had lost all of it.
He did not know how he could face his family.
Fearing to embrace his family and his future, he choose to quit life.

Another example, a girl Dorry, who is 17 and had been with her boyfriend for 3 years.
Three years of trust, that's kinda long.
Her boyfriend decided to ditch her for another girl.
And he told her many hurting words you see.
Well, you noe kids at that age, changes their mind like how u change ur clothes.
Still young..
To the guy is nothing.
But to the girl, its something.
After all she treasure and values the relationship.
Could not accept that the relationship that she had build so hard just crumble like that.
Well, she choose to end her life.

names were changed for the example above.
hmm..., thats all the example, dun wanna write too long u noe.
sorry i can't explain the example in details.

every once in a while in college.
my members got hit me one.
got one even slap me==
that is sexual harassment you see.
okay, i said enough.hahax..
dun wanna die young.

have a goal in life u must.
that is my advice for u out there.

Friday, February 11, 2011

okay, friends=)

lets just be friends and keep our options wide,
for u and i life is like a roller-coaster ride,
i dun really care bout my pride,
for its not just black and white,
a spectrum of color that is life.

Monday, January 31, 2011


so, why??
why this and that happened?

Curiosity sometimes gives birth to purpose.
As we human beings have the tendency to know things.
Things especially what we called "TRUTH".

Human are quite weird in a way.
We go forward to seek the truth.
But we didn't quite know what to do after seeking it.

Anyway, i will be talking a bit on religion.
not too much.
What we can see is people keep fighting against on another..
To prove who's religion is the most righteous..

Let me tell ya something,
They fought to show who's better and in control.
They talk and say they are the most righteous.
Why do they do that for?

People tend to fight to show who is better in this case.
They wanna be right so much because,they do not wanna be wrong for what they had been doing for so many years.
Example, your family tells you that killing is correct since you were young,
how do you feel if someone tells you that you are wrong out of sudden?
This feeling is develop due to the insecure feeling of an individual.

So is it because they feel insecure from other people's religion?
they feel so insecure that they end up fighting?
If they feel they are the most righteous, they do not have to show or proof it using this way for they should have faith in their god!!!
not themselves in their own way...
Those it means their actions doubt their god???
i am not saying that they are wrong totally but..

come on, i mean the world is gonna end one day,
lets make the best out of it.
And when a country is at war, who are the ones that suffer??
The nations.., and everyone knows that.
Its simple yet why not many people acknowledge this fact?


Saturday, January 22, 2011

open tuition lai lai lai...

okay, so, me and my friends will be opening a tuition near Manjalara that is in Kepong area.
Its near Taman Bukit Maluri.
Not the Maluri in Cheras.

We will be teaching Physics, add math, math and english.
First class is free.
Yes, we are giving trial classes.

email me:
contact me via fb if interested:Kai Yuan

Thursday, January 20, 2011

turning over a new leaf=)

and so,
i turn over a new leaf.

after all, my house gt many leaves.
okay, that was lame. ==

today won't be about any lesson. just about me=)

so, yeah i am just doing this for the sake of updating this blog.

I never knew that shopping alone is fun.
i went to Tesco, tried 15 shirts and bought one.
well, it has to fit in and as well as being compatible to my wallet you see.

well, when i went to shop around, i envy those with couple going out.
And i look at myself and said "when will be my turn?"hahax..

I went to Midvalley and watch the season of the witch.
Wasn't nice.
Well, partially coz i wasn't focus on the movie 100%.
Yes, i had my focus on something else.
No, not on the popcorn..

Anyway, if you are a guy who noes bout history during the crusades, you might like it.
Normal ppl won't.

Thanx 4 making me smile=)

Friday, January 14, 2011

the world is round dude..

the world is round..
not fair and square man..
lets face it, there is no fairness in this world.
So, lets stop thinking whether if people are treating you fair enough a not.

What I am saying is that, lets not be so calculative at the same time.
People tends to compare one another especially if they are in the same position or rank.
They will try to see what they get and compare it to others.
And if they have less, they will complain about unfairness or something else.
But if they had more, they will be happy.
Well, it does not ends there, some might show it off to those who had less than them.
It will cause the other party to feel that he or she got some unfair treatment.

Why do people compare?
First thing first, human tends to see what they don't have than what they had.
2nd, human tends to see what other people have that they dun have.
Thus, due to that, they compare.

This deduction maybe wrong however due to too many flaws in it.
Thus, it is arguable,which makes it a statement i guess.

Let me get back what i was trying to explain,
sorry for my small sidetrack.

A case of scenario, a student saw a few of his friends having an iphone.
Then that student looks at himself and felt that he is lack of something.
That is the iphone.
Due to his friends, that is the surrounding, it causes a feeling that made him felt as though as he is being left out as well.
Thus, he went to his parents and ask for an iphone.
Btw, did i mention that he has a nice car that all his friends doesn't have?
Why didn't all his friends ask their parents to get one?
Because a group is more influencing than a single person.

Yes, it is a dominant of a majority over a minority in other words.
That is if you could see it.

thats all.
i lazy to explain many things.
go find out yourself=)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

we beneficial of technology?


so regarding the topic..
are we as human gain entirely benefits from technology?

That i would disagree..
We dun just gain benefits from it but also some disadvantages as well.
Well, things comes in a package like a person.
You can't just have all the good stuffs.
Its the law of equation that balance it up.
Derive from YingYang theory.
okay, enough of some minor explanation..

As we gain benefits from the continuing evolving technology,
without realizing it..., we keep try to keep ourselves with the current technology.
As in we keep wanting more and more from it as new ones comes in.

Without realizing, we became a slave of technology.
You know a donkey that keep chasing after the carrot that is tie on its head in front of it? And it keeps on going after the carrot and can never get it?
Well, that is the same case of scenario that is happening to some of us.=)

Thankfully most of us are not to that extreme i guess.
This is just one of the disadvantage however.

Well, i didn't say its totally wrong to keep up with technology.
But lets see, who's money were you using again to buy those nice phone and stuffs?
Raise you hand if you think you are using your are own money.
And when i said own money is not from pocket money or ang pau, but hardwork(not chores).

Okay, how many of you out there are lying now??
See thats the thing here, its basically not your money to begin with,
and you use it like it is yours.
Okay, then some of you might be saying, then how are we suppose to buy those things if we dun even have earning power? aren't we just still kids?
My response would be:
"Great, so you knew and acknowledge that you were still a kid, so why going after those expensive things when you dun even have earning power?"

Okay, for those who really work and earn your money, then i respect.
But for those who are not, well, I don't care what you do.
Its not my problem.=)
Earn it and its yours.. that i respect.
If it is the otherwise, then nvm, its your own life anyway, you make the call.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011



okay, so i was working ystrdy at APIIT.
doing some packaging and carrying.
I felt like a robot doing it.

Woke up at 5.30am.
drove my bro to school at 6.30am.
Fetch my two friends to work and reach college at 9.30am.
almost 3hours of driving.
The main point is that i was starve too death.
From 4pm till 8.30pm.
Usually at home i would have ate something.
I was caught up in the jam in that time.
Damn LDP...
MW so cruel, said that i should endure my hunger and be a man.

Well, i would like to thank one of my friend who i drop home.
Coz that family of my friend kindly invited me for dinner with them.
bt too bad i already ask my dad to bungkus something for me already.
And so i drove home, trying my best to keep myself awake.

As i arrive home, i ate a lot bt gt tired more than hungry.
So i slept at around 10.30pm.

Monday, January 3, 2011



oh yeah, 2nd week of holiday.
and i am nt so productive..
Well, in terms of manga and sleep then yes i was.

okay okay,
let me get to the point.
today will be about leadership.
Now, don't be skeptical or stereotype over whether only man or woman can be a leader.
Have their pros and cons yea know..
okay, that is not the point anyway.
My apologies for the sidetrack.=)

still here? nice.

So, being a leader isn't easy as it seems.
As in a good leader, not the lazy one where he or she does nothing.
Sounds so familiar though..hahax.., no its not me.
maybe a little like me.ha

A leader is to take full responsibility of the task given.
Whether it success or not, its because of the leader's action.
Just like making a ship, whether if it will set sail and float or sink..,
its because of the person who made it.
That is the leader's job.
Taking responsibilities to sum it all up.
Whether if it is to give instructions, supervise or to guide..,
a leader must never ever blame the members..
If that member did not perform well, its your fault as a leader of not managing that person properly.
Thus, you failed as a leader or so i can say u did not do well.
However, that is not the of the world,
learn from your mistakes.., get feedbacks from members.
"Each time you fail, you are another step closer to success" by Tony Buzan modified by me.

Meaning each time you fail, you reduce the number of time you need to fail to succeed.
So, be happy even when you fail.
Of coz not asking you to sit there and just be happy.
Learn from it.

So, still think its nice being a leader? where everyone put high hopes on u.
The pressure...
The burden..
The expectations..
The results...
Then come again.., responsibilities..


Sunday, January 2, 2011

and so...


and so..
i didn't end up working in pwtc.
instead i get to work at ucti main building.
my job is to greet people especially parents.=)
most kids came in wit blur face.hahax..

I learn a few things.
that is the process.
People who were at the exhibition are people
who aren't sure of which place to go and they had many things in mind.
So, they won't listen much to you.
Thus, u gotta grab their attention with a different approach. Here you probe.

Well, as for 2day and saturday in the main building.
People who came in here are qualified prospect that is customers who are willing to listen to you.
This is because they want to know more and they want to see proof.
Thus, in this phase you need to convince.
My job of greeting them is to give a good impression.
"People dun really remember what you told them but remember more on how you made them feel.."
Remember this phrase if u wanna be a good salesperson.
Now, when u convince, you dun convince too many things.
As in dun try to proof to many thing and value.
However, try to focus on a few.
People dun remember everything you said, but only a few that seems important to them.
That is things or value that benefits them users.
Relate it to them on how it will benefit them=)

next time, after i write a book.
please buy it, ok?
jz joking la.
But i will write a book next time.
a simple yet powerful book.
Oh yeah, its more powerful than that thick textbook of urs.