Monday, December 26, 2011

I dun need anyone!

Well, as you can see the title above,
it stated "I dun need anyone".

Some times, people say something like that out of
dissapointment, anger or stress.
It can be a lot of other reasons why they said that.

However, having to have said that, some of them
who spoke that are most likely to actually need someone.
strange but true~
I am not saying it applies to everyone or
this is 100% true.
Just that this happen to most people even myself at times.

When they say they "dun need anyone",
its because they need some time to think within themselves.
its like searching for the answers within your head.
More like googling within your head.hahax..

It works for some people because they are able to remain calm
and slowly identify the problem.
But for some people, it will be like going around in circles.hahax..
So, some of these people might need other people's help.
Other people's help not as an ADVISOR but as a LISTENER.

So, when i said some of them actually need someone, i meant a listener.
Dun be an advisor right from the start, best to hear it out 1st.

Let that person release some of those problems,
this will enable the person to be more calm after that.
The more calm you are, the clearer you see things.
And vice-versa as well.

If you still dun get what i mean,
then allow me to elaborate further.

Take it this way, you are walking on a path like a road.
And that road leads you to your goal.
Problems are like rocks that falls and appear in your way.
They block you from your goal.

Sometimes, those problems(rocks) can be too much
or overwhelming that it ends up creating a MAZE
for you.

So, sometimes you kept on focusing the other part of the maze.
And that made you not being able to see the entire problem(maze) or not
being able to look at the current rock in front of you.

well, there are many ways to look at the MAZE(problem).
Its just how you analyse it calmly.

i dun have much time to write.hahax..

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