Friday, May 6, 2011


Well, the truth seems like something that is right.
But due to the society now a days,
the truth turns out to be things that satisfy the majority.

Which means, whatever the minority thinks might not be considered as the truth.
As mentioned, most people only want to listen what they want,
taking that as the truth.
Their desires blinded them from seeing things what they are suppose to see sometimes.

well, we are humans after all, so let there be room for mistakes.

Now, what is a comfort zone?
okay, everyone has it whether if its with their family, a place, in their head or just anywhere.
why do people want to feel secure?
please refer to This Post

anyway, its because people were so afraid of the unknown, they fear to open themselves up.
They fear that it will go against their comfort zone, a place where they feel safe.

As for me, I do have one too.

Some people, have to hold an object to calm themselves down,
some maybe a pen or key or whatever.
As for my case, its a chess book.
I always read it when i feel nervous.

jz paraphrasing the previous post.

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