Sunday, January 9, 2011

we beneficial of technology?


so regarding the topic..
are we as human gain entirely benefits from technology?

That i would disagree..
We dun just gain benefits from it but also some disadvantages as well.
Well, things comes in a package like a person.
You can't just have all the good stuffs.
Its the law of equation that balance it up.
Derive from YingYang theory.
okay, enough of some minor explanation..

As we gain benefits from the continuing evolving technology,
without realizing it..., we keep try to keep ourselves with the current technology.
As in we keep wanting more and more from it as new ones comes in.

Without realizing, we became a slave of technology.
You know a donkey that keep chasing after the carrot that is tie on its head in front of it? And it keeps on going after the carrot and can never get it?
Well, that is the same case of scenario that is happening to some of us.=)

Thankfully most of us are not to that extreme i guess.
This is just one of the disadvantage however.

Well, i didn't say its totally wrong to keep up with technology.
But lets see, who's money were you using again to buy those nice phone and stuffs?
Raise you hand if you think you are using your are own money.
And when i said own money is not from pocket money or ang pau, but hardwork(not chores).

Okay, how many of you out there are lying now??
See thats the thing here, its basically not your money to begin with,
and you use it like it is yours.
Okay, then some of you might be saying, then how are we suppose to buy those things if we dun even have earning power? aren't we just still kids?
My response would be:
"Great, so you knew and acknowledge that you were still a kid, so why going after those expensive things when you dun even have earning power?"

Okay, for those who really work and earn your money, then i respect.
But for those who are not, well, I don't care what you do.
Its not my problem.=)
Earn it and its yours.. that i respect.
If it is the otherwise, then nvm, its your own life anyway, you make the call.


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