Sunday, January 2, 2011

and so...


and so..
i didn't end up working in pwtc.
instead i get to work at ucti main building.
my job is to greet people especially parents.=)
most kids came in wit blur face.hahax..

I learn a few things.
that is the process.
People who were at the exhibition are people
who aren't sure of which place to go and they had many things in mind.
So, they won't listen much to you.
Thus, u gotta grab their attention with a different approach. Here you probe.

Well, as for 2day and saturday in the main building.
People who came in here are qualified prospect that is customers who are willing to listen to you.
This is because they want to know more and they want to see proof.
Thus, in this phase you need to convince.
My job of greeting them is to give a good impression.
"People dun really remember what you told them but remember more on how you made them feel.."
Remember this phrase if u wanna be a good salesperson.
Now, when u convince, you dun convince too many things.
As in dun try to proof to many thing and value.
However, try to focus on a few.
People dun remember everything you said, but only a few that seems important to them.
That is things or value that benefits them users.
Relate it to them on how it will benefit them=)

next time, after i write a book.
please buy it, ok?
jz joking la.
But i will write a book next time.
a simple yet powerful book.
Oh yeah, its more powerful than that thick textbook of urs.

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