Saturday, December 17, 2011

I lost myself =(

i feel like shit now.
no, not as in going to toilet~

well, i felt confuse a bit.
Everyone wants to fight for what they believe in.
They want to show that they are not wrong.
In other words to proof that they are correct.

However, due to this..
Some start to proof other people's belief wrong.
This is so that they can make themselves feel that they are right.
What kind of cowardly act is that??
If you want to show that what you belief is the truth,
then show it but not by stepping on others.

When you keep proving other people wrong,
then what is there right about you??
You are not always correct~

You have the right to belive in what u had in your belief.
But that doesn't give you the right to force other people into accepting your belief...
Do you like it if other people do the same to you?

If you want other people to accept your belief,
they must at least be doing it willingly with knowing what is it about.
Be transparent i would say.
And when i said willingly it means that they asked you about it.
Or maybe you can explain it to them at times.
But not forcing them..

btw, what i had wrote is not only for religion but also way of doing things whether in family or workplace.

Well, human are simple creatures but yet with the most complicated problems.hahax..

okay, enough said~
back to my scripting tasks~

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