Monday, November 14, 2011

Well, its ain easy as it seems :|

I noe its been a long time i had not update my blog.
I tot no one will read it=(
well, lucky for me, i have at least one reader,
that is non other than Jessica.=D

well, i made a lot of decisions lately.
And i am telling ya, those decision were ain't easy.
hahax.. i think most ppl will feel the same when they make theirs.
for most ppl, their situation is the most important compare to others.
There is always this sentence that they might say to themselves,
"My problem is bigger than anyone elses problem"

anyway, forgive me for the sidetrack above.
Its a very bad habit of mine.hahax..

Sometimes in life you can't have best of both world.
When you make a choice to have something, you need to let go
something else.
You cannot be greedy to have both.
Coz if you want to have both, at the end you will end up with neither one of it.

Same thing like if a girl knows two guys going after her.
She needs to choose and not saying that she wants both.
If she wants both, there will be a terrible consequences.

So, in life, just make a choice.
Dun have to worry too much, after all,
things will slowly fall pieces by pieces like pieces from a jig-saw puzzle.
And then all those pieces will form into one picture,
that is your life.

However do not blame ppl for when bad things happen,
coz most of the time it was your choice.
So, point to yourself before you blame others.

Okay, thats all i guess.hahax..
thank you so much, Jessica.

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