Friday, August 12, 2011

too serious too soon.

as usual, busy with my things.
hmmm..., this semester i learn a lot.
I learn Java, javascript, html, php and asp.
its a bit a lot.haha

Though i think i could have done better.
I was talking about the website me and teammates design for a company,
there are a lot of things we are gonna add soon.
but assignments are pilling up=(
that can't be good ya noe.haha

ppl tend to rush in a lot of things,
but life is not that simple sometimes, things may not go as what you want it to.
I hope i can finish my assignments by next week.
and then i can continue the website.

Its a company that sells agriculture product.hahax..

My first website.
it was the first time i struggle a lot in one month, to learn a lot.
Its a nice feeling when you are force to learn so much in order to get something done.
thats how i learn.

damn, why ppl keep asking me if i gt a girlfriend or not? and when i said no, they ask me why dun i go get one.

hahax... kk
busy man.

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