Saturday, November 19, 2011

everyday when u wake up...

When you wake up every morning,
you should be lucky that you are able to.
coz some ppl did not get that chance to do so.

Some ppl were infected by some diseases or maybe die due to accident
or whatsoever.
You do not know when you will be gone.
sometimes life can be unexpected.hahax..

So, do appreciate for those that are around you.
Make sure you live your life.
Don't wait till something happen then only you start.

Be happy always to be able to see
the ppl you care for.=)

anyway, i find this post so emo.
Ain't like me at all.hahax..
nah, dun worry, no shit will happen to me.
I still got many things i want to do.hahahaa...

damn busy now, in a good way=)

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