Sunday, December 11, 2011

was busy.hahx..

hey, sorry for not updating.
Was busy with making websites, doing my assignments and bla bla bla..

Anyway, just wanna talk a share with u guys a little something.
Sometimes, awkwardness doesn't usually happens until one person started adi.
Usually it may goes like this,
for the girl, "Well, he doesn't talk to me".
for the guy. "She started to avoid me".

In fact, at times, its both side at the same time.
The fact that when a person started to feel a bit of awkwardness, he or she will react the same way.
It may sound so not true, but yeah, it happens.hahax..
Can see this kind of situation quite a lot in my college.
There is no cure for this, just bare with it.hahax..
or if u want, asked that person directly why is he or she doing so.
however, its pointless asking that person.
usually you will get some reasons that dun make sense.haha..

anyway, thats all.
i wrote a bunch of nonsense.hahax..

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