Thursday, May 12, 2011

it will rip ya from the inside if u do not let it out.

As I had mentioned about comfort zone.
Let me tell you a little something.

Its okay to confine yourself in your comfort zone sometimes, but remember,
do not always use it when you have any problem.
And hoping that the problem will just pass and move on.

That is what we called moving on..
Its called running away from problem.

If you leave that problem unsolved, hoping it will just pass as time.
You are so wrong, its gonna haunt you till the end of your life.
trust me.hahax..

Sometimes, we have to step out from our comfort zone.
Step out and face reality.
Smell the morning coffee.
oh yea, did i mention that i like coffee?
hahax.. opps..., sidetracked.

Hiding in your comfort zone,
sure it protects you from the outside danger.
but it does not protect you from what is inside you.
Yes, that thing inside you will rip you inside out.

of coz, it may not be that obvious.
Its like a slow-acting poison.

Btw, i am not saying that we must not have a comfort zone.
we all have that, but use it wisely please.

When a person step out from the comfort zone, that person will obtain new experience and evolve.
whether for good or bad.hahax..


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