Saturday, February 19, 2011


okay, how many of u out there wanted to just quit ur life before?

hmm..., people suicide usually because of something they could not face or embrace in the future.
you noe when u play video games and u quit the game when u noe u gonna lose.
Well, its the same.

dun get it?
hmm..., allow me 2 illustrate a few example:

A clerk named mr.c who had to support his family financially.
during 1997, when Malaysia was facing economy crisis, he was sack due to retrenchment.
He could not thought of how to support his family as he was the sole breadwinner of the family.
click here to noe more about what happen in 1997
After all, he bought a house, a car and a few things which require him to borrow money from the bank.
In heavy debt, whats worse?
He also invested a large sum of money in share market which he had lost all of it.
He did not know how he could face his family.
Fearing to embrace his family and his future, he choose to quit life.

Another example, a girl Dorry, who is 17 and had been with her boyfriend for 3 years.
Three years of trust, that's kinda long.
Her boyfriend decided to ditch her for another girl.
And he told her many hurting words you see.
Well, you noe kids at that age, changes their mind like how u change ur clothes.
Still young..
To the guy is nothing.
But to the girl, its something.
After all she treasure and values the relationship.
Could not accept that the relationship that she had build so hard just crumble like that.
Well, she choose to end her life.

names were changed for the example above.
hmm..., thats all the example, dun wanna write too long u noe.
sorry i can't explain the example in details.

every once in a while in college.
my members got hit me one.
got one even slap me==
that is sexual harassment you see.
okay, i said enough.hahax..
dun wanna die young.

have a goal in life u must.
that is my advice for u out there.

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