Monday, January 3, 2011



oh yeah, 2nd week of holiday.
and i am nt so productive..
Well, in terms of manga and sleep then yes i was.

okay okay,
let me get to the point.
today will be about leadership.
Now, don't be skeptical or stereotype over whether only man or woman can be a leader.
Have their pros and cons yea know..
okay, that is not the point anyway.
My apologies for the sidetrack.=)

still here? nice.

So, being a leader isn't easy as it seems.
As in a good leader, not the lazy one where he or she does nothing.
Sounds so familiar though..hahax.., no its not me.
maybe a little like me.ha

A leader is to take full responsibility of the task given.
Whether it success or not, its because of the leader's action.
Just like making a ship, whether if it will set sail and float or sink..,
its because of the person who made it.
That is the leader's job.
Taking responsibilities to sum it all up.
Whether if it is to give instructions, supervise or to guide..,
a leader must never ever blame the members..
If that member did not perform well, its your fault as a leader of not managing that person properly.
Thus, you failed as a leader or so i can say u did not do well.
However, that is not the of the world,
learn from your mistakes.., get feedbacks from members.
"Each time you fail, you are another step closer to success" by Tony Buzan modified by me.

Meaning each time you fail, you reduce the number of time you need to fail to succeed.
So, be happy even when you fail.
Of coz not asking you to sit there and just be happy.
Learn from it.

So, still think its nice being a leader? where everyone put high hopes on u.
The pressure...
The burden..
The expectations..
The results...
Then come again.., responsibilities..


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