Saturday, February 26, 2011

whats the big fuss?

Recently my eating habit becomes kinda disorder.
i eat lesser during the day and more during the nite.

Lets talk on career a bit for today.

okay, when you are studying,
you can choose to learn something generalize like General IT.
or maybe accounting.
Or you can choose to be specialize in something.

In between something specialize or general,
which one do you prefer more?

Well, there is no right or wrong.
Either one is okay.
Since both have their pros and cons.

Well, if are specialize in something,
its nice to learn it if you are really interested in that particular thing.
You are most likely to be employable if the job is looking for someone who is specialize in it.
Example, networking type of job.

As for general, you can always choose to go for any type of job.
Your range of job will be wide.
However, people might choose those who are specialize over you.
But, then again, it always comes back to you.
How do you sell yourself??
That is the question.

Remember.., always sell yourself.
Not asking you to literally put a price tag on yourself.

Make sure you have value to the company you are working for.
Stress out what you can do for them that others might not.


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