Monday, January 31, 2011


so, why??
why this and that happened?

Curiosity sometimes gives birth to purpose.
As we human beings have the tendency to know things.
Things especially what we called "TRUTH".

Human are quite weird in a way.
We go forward to seek the truth.
But we didn't quite know what to do after seeking it.

Anyway, i will be talking a bit on religion.
not too much.
What we can see is people keep fighting against on another..
To prove who's religion is the most righteous..

Let me tell ya something,
They fought to show who's better and in control.
They talk and say they are the most righteous.
Why do they do that for?

People tend to fight to show who is better in this case.
They wanna be right so much because,they do not wanna be wrong for what they had been doing for so many years.
Example, your family tells you that killing is correct since you were young,
how do you feel if someone tells you that you are wrong out of sudden?
This feeling is develop due to the insecure feeling of an individual.

So is it because they feel insecure from other people's religion?
they feel so insecure that they end up fighting?
If they feel they are the most righteous, they do not have to show or proof it using this way for they should have faith in their god!!!
not themselves in their own way...
Those it means their actions doubt their god???
i am not saying that they are wrong totally but..

come on, i mean the world is gonna end one day,
lets make the best out of it.
And when a country is at war, who are the ones that suffer??
The nations.., and everyone knows that.
Its simple yet why not many people acknowledge this fact?


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