Thursday, May 5, 2011


who are the fools?
you? me? them? us?
lets see...,hahax..

sorry that i had been away for such a long time.
well, guess no readers would be reading this though.

People who reject other people's ideology or way of thinking..
Those people doing that without thinking much,
do you know why some of them did that?

It is because they were afraid of being wrong.
For what they had know were what they think as the "truth".
If people tell them something that is different from it,
they will tend to shut their ears and reject it straight away.

For it will bring them out from their comfort zone.
It was something to be afraid of, outside your comfort zone.
A zone where you have to fear of the unknown.

People only want to here what they want to hear, and for them,
it was the truth.
rejecting other ideas that deviate from the "truth".

What I am saying is that..
the moment one shut his or her ears, the moment that person becomes a fool..
In other words, people who stop listening, then start to become a fool.

n I am a fool..

i noe.
its boring?haha


CC said...

there are times in life where being a fool is better than being sharp.
people have to be flexible, to be dumb at some times and to be smart at some times, in accord with the kind of situation they are in.

If one tries to be always smart in life, oh his life is just nothing more than boring.

kai said...

well, yeah, that is why at the end i said i am a fool.=)

yeah, if too sharp, then no fun in life i guess.hahax..