Friday, January 14, 2011

the world is round dude..

the world is round..
not fair and square man..
lets face it, there is no fairness in this world.
So, lets stop thinking whether if people are treating you fair enough a not.

What I am saying is that, lets not be so calculative at the same time.
People tends to compare one another especially if they are in the same position or rank.
They will try to see what they get and compare it to others.
And if they have less, they will complain about unfairness or something else.
But if they had more, they will be happy.
Well, it does not ends there, some might show it off to those who had less than them.
It will cause the other party to feel that he or she got some unfair treatment.

Why do people compare?
First thing first, human tends to see what they don't have than what they had.
2nd, human tends to see what other people have that they dun have.
Thus, due to that, they compare.

This deduction maybe wrong however due to too many flaws in it.
Thus, it is arguable,which makes it a statement i guess.

Let me get back what i was trying to explain,
sorry for my small sidetrack.

A case of scenario, a student saw a few of his friends having an iphone.
Then that student looks at himself and felt that he is lack of something.
That is the iphone.
Due to his friends, that is the surrounding, it causes a feeling that made him felt as though as he is being left out as well.
Thus, he went to his parents and ask for an iphone.
Btw, did i mention that he has a nice car that all his friends doesn't have?
Why didn't all his friends ask their parents to get one?
Because a group is more influencing than a single person.

Yes, it is a dominant of a majority over a minority in other words.
That is if you could see it.

thats all.
i lazy to explain many things.
go find out yourself=)

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