Thursday, January 20, 2011

turning over a new leaf=)

and so,
i turn over a new leaf.

after all, my house gt many leaves.
okay, that was lame. ==

today won't be about any lesson. just about me=)

so, yeah i am just doing this for the sake of updating this blog.

I never knew that shopping alone is fun.
i went to Tesco, tried 15 shirts and bought one.
well, it has to fit in and as well as being compatible to my wallet you see.

well, when i went to shop around, i envy those with couple going out.
And i look at myself and said "when will be my turn?"hahax..

I went to Midvalley and watch the season of the witch.
Wasn't nice.
Well, partially coz i wasn't focus on the movie 100%.
Yes, i had my focus on something else.
No, not on the popcorn..

Anyway, if you are a guy who noes bout history during the crusades, you might like it.
Normal ppl won't.

Thanx 4 making me smile=)

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