Wednesday, September 17, 2008

sad coz i am nt able 2 change my friend...

its 2 late...,
although its state...,
tat one can always turn back while others wait...,
bt its jz 2 late..

could hav change you..,
bt u did't let me let me hav a chance 2..,
its been long since noein you..,
although back there you may look new..

i look up,
its jz me staring a cross the street..,
i remember your smile was sweet..,

I took a step in,
hoping that you would b changing...,
bt this self of urs won't let me in..,
i woke up,
its all jz a dream..

I was relive..,
tat all these r jz illusion..,
coz i wasn't able 2 had a solution..,
the next thing i noe,
u were out there,
n i walk down the stairs..,
seein u smile..,
make me shattered 2 tears..

-the end-(rap it)


[s.fen] said...

dun sad anymore lah...


HaPpY BiRtHdAy...^_^

kai said...

u also dun b sad 2^^