Sunday, July 13, 2008


there r two boys arround 13 years old who both newly shift to tis school..
and so, boy A spoke to boy B..

boy A:hello,nice 2 meet u.

boy B:...hello..(smile)

boy A:nice 2 meet u, i am XXXXXXXXXX(name has been kept unknown)

boy B: nice 2 meet u 2, i am XXXXXXXXXX

boy A: so whr is ur dad nw since he hav 2 come 2 collect u nw, rite?

boy B:....(tears drop from his eyes like fallin rain)

boy A:Wat is it?

boy B:my father... he is nt here anymore since i was 7..

boy A: omg, i am sorry 2 hear tat.. i did't noe he was...

boy B:NNNOOOOO..., tats nt wat i mean la..

boy A: then wat did u mean?

boy B: i mean tat he is nt here coz he was actually workin oversea for 6 years n did't hav time 4 me n my family..

boy A: i c... , no wonder y u cried..

boy B: well, u should b happy coz ur father is spend time wit u.. When i was 12, n i gt straight A's,
he wasn't there 2 celebrate 4 me.. N when i was 11, i got caught in an accident while he was oversea, he did't even make a call back here juz becoz he was 2 busy...

boy A:dun worry, i am sure things wil eventually turn up fine..=)

boy B: i guess so..

when boy A reach home..

boy B: hello, anyone home?

boy B's mum: hello, happy birthday, XXXXXXXX=)

boy B: thanx.., bt i dun think dad remmber tis, he does tat all d time..

boy B's mum: u sure?

boy B's dad apear from the door..

boy B's dad: hello, guess whose here 2day?

boy B: dad!!!!(over joy)

the end..hehe

so make sure u spend time wit ur family, k?

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