Saturday, September 6, 2008


gambit means to make someone trip on purpose in italy.
a gambit is used in such a way that you sacrifice ur materials such as a pawn..
sumtimes u sacrifice a knight n 2 pawn!!..
bt there is a price 2 pay when ur opponent accept ur sacrifice..
1)his/her piece development will b slow down..
2)king will b expose to danger..
3)allowed the user of gambit 2 hav a fast development and a few open file..
4)doesn't hav enough time 2 castling..

by the way, a gambit is offensive, and can b more offensive(depends on the user).
it wil allowed u to come out ur killing instinct(nt 2 kill ur opponent bt his king)..
it drives ur blood in ur vein(it makes u a feel like an assasin in the game)..

all that may sounds cool, bt a gambit user has its risk..
1)if u do nt develop in time, u wil b counter attack..
2)u must try 2 b persistent 2 attack ur opponent's king..or else u must face the consequences sumtimes..
3)dun allowed counter attack...

here r a few tips 4 d user:
1)u must hav a strong mind set that tells u that when u sacrifice a piece in a gambit, u must nt hav a thinking that makes u feel like recapturing ur oppenents piece 2 gain it back..(if u do that, then it means, u better of nt play gambit).
2)instead of recapturin back, u make used of ur opponents moves that has been used 2 capture ur pieces that u had sacrifice. do sumthing like, launchin an offensive attack n while his king is left un castled..

here r some tips do those that encountered gambit:
1) try nt 2 waste ur time 2 capture the pieces that has been placed 2 sacrifice.
2)instead, try 2 giv him back those piece u had capture if u wan 2 neutralise the gambit(by letting go back the piece u had capture, u can nultify the gambit)=)

here r a few openings 4 gambit.

Evans gambit:1)e4 e5
2)nf3 nf6
3)bc4 bc5
4)b5! Bxb5

morra gambit: 1)e4 c5
2)d4 cxd4
3)c3 dxc3
4)Nxc3 Nc6

I do not recommend queens gambit as it is in fact nt a gambit since it will end up recapturing the pawn it sacrifice...

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