Sunday, July 20, 2008

dunno wat 2 wrte

wat is d purpose of our existence in our life?
i dunno..
coz each of us serve diff purpose in life..

juz crapin back there..
i dunno wat 2 write..
if u r confuse on which stream u should go,then it can b said tat u came 2 d rite place.
well, basically think of wat u wan n nt others..
dun think tat art stream is lower than science stream..
means tat dun think tat by goin 2 art stream,people wil look down on u...
then again..,its ur choice..
if u hav passion 4 science.., then go 4 science..n vice versa..
dun think tat u r doin this bcoz someone told u so..
its bout time learn 2 make ur own choice..
its nt 2 late 2 turn back.., coz if u hav passion in it,then u can do it..=)

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