Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Need help again..

hmm.., i lately tried to modify my form in ms.access.
There are certain function like print previews of a report.
Which can be done simple if you only create that particular command button to do for just one report.
What I want is a command button that not only can preview one report but also you can select the particular report that you want. It not only can do that but it can also select the few things you want from your report.(flexible)
Anyone can help me?
I saw this in the Northwind database sample.
I can't just simply copy the VBA codes directly because there are commands that i need to edit in order for it to suit my database. And i Have zero knowledge about VBA.
So, i really would be thankfull if someone can help me.
Anyways, i am now studying VBA from the internet(online lesson) just like how i learn access.

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