Friday, November 21, 2008

yo, guys....

yo, i am sorry 2 taiko tat i did't update..
i gt my own problem u see...
well, basically i am not all that lucky guy..
i wanted to update it before this but hmm..., i was busy studying form5.
i am a slow learner so i noe that i had ta start fast in order 2 catch up.
not ony form5, bt i gt 2 learn database..

When i thought that i could go out and get some fresh air by playin basketball bare foot, i was wrong..
At the end of playing basketball, I realize that my feet's epidermis(below my foot) came out..
ya, I noe i could see my own basically it seems like it gonna open even bigger...
i quickly patch it back hoping that it would stick to the dead skin for a while.
I went back to my aunty house. It hurts...(jz imagine ur feet has lost one layer.
i jz put a few handy-plus..
It feels its gonna fall apart.
dude, it sucks and i regret playin basketball bare foot.
To make things worse, my mum gt freak out when she ask my dad 2 c a doc.
The doctor remove an even bigger part of my feet's skin..
and here i am now.., finally gt 2 walk n go 2 d com..hahax..

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