Tuesday, June 17, 2008


in whatever you do..,
there is definitely a few limits that u mite reach..
i had break a few limits in my chess..
it feels suck being stuck in that limit..
bt its like hell break free when u break d limit..=)
u wil also feel some satisfication afta breakin it..
bt its ain't easy breakin a limit..

rite nw, i'm facin another limit..
tryin 2 find other ways 2 improve myself..
u 2 can do it if u put in effort..
its all about passion n patient if u wanna break ur limit..
there was once it took me 2 years juz 2 break one limit..
bt it is easy 2 break one at d beginin.., when u juz started..
it gts harder each time..
as u mite find tat u hav difficulty in searchin 4 some room 4 improvements..=)
bt keep tryin til ya gt 2 break a few..

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