Monday, November 3, 2008

Ying and Yang

yo, before I start.., well here is a little of what I had something to say.
i think i failed my exam. hmm.., wanna noe something else? during my moral exam..,
i ask the teacher permit to go to the "toilet". After going to the toilet, i went to the canteen to eat coz i haven eat yet.. then i return back to class staring at my empty paper and begin writing..(i manage to finish it of coz)

This is the link to a video shooting for the E-education for the goverment by 4D

hmm.., back to what you are here today..,

hmm..., still recall what i wrote on my last post?
if not, then read the post below. so as for new comers.

in Ying and Yang, there is a bit of different.
Its just a bit more complex.

In a black spot, there is a white dot.
what does it means?
hmm.., it means that in a bad side, there is also definitely has a small part a gud side in it. Same goes as the white spot that has a black dot that means that in a gud side, there is still some small bad part in it.
In this theory, its all balance if you realize.
The black and white colour as u know.

its easy to draw it, first draw a circle, second write an alphabet "S".
Third, draw a small circle in the "S" and another one wit a round dot.
then jz shade d part that has the white circle black.

couldn't write much, coz gt exam.

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