Friday, June 27, 2008


2day was a sad day 4 me...
i dunno..
u noe when u express ur feelin 2 someone..
i gav her time 2 think over..
well, i dun think it wil work..
wats worse of all is tat.., i think she is avoidin me..
i won't expect 4 a answer like: "yes, i like u 2"
tat won't happen..
bt at least she should nt avoid me..
u noe it feels sad bein avoid n talk less..
it made me feel regreted expressin my feelin..
is it wrong? i did't force her 2 say yes..
where as i told her tat she can say no if she wan..
despite all tat.., d saddest part was bein avoid..
i dunno wat 2 do..
i gt scold by my teacher 4 nt enterin d class..n report my name 2 d displin teacher..
i was actually teachin my juniors hw 2 do d he did't care..
even when i went n apologise 2 he doesn't care n said nonsense..
anyway, my homework r risin up above my head..
n when i went home my mum n dad told me some things i did't quite agree on..
well, its one misery day....


♥ R eneeeee ♥ said...

that girl is who..........?????

kai said...

a form 2 girl.

vanessa said...

hey! :)
im not avoiding you.
and i feel sad too!
because of nt talking to you.
but ummmm..
im sry la! i think u misunderstand it.
but it seems lyk i nvr saw you in skul. :(