Sunday, June 29, 2008

lesson tat i had learn 2day..

if u had read my previous post then u should b able 2 understand tis..
tat girl tat i had express out my feelin 2 has been u noe like wat i had said..
well, i actually juz wan 2 noe wether if she feels d same or nt..tats all..
i am nt askin her 2 couple wit i juz wan 2 noe her feelings tats all..(hope "u" r readin tis)
anyway, i learn an important thing..
u noe hw sad i was back then..
bt nw i am nt..
u noe y?
coz i learn n realize somethin..
somethin important in life..
is tat..
never be sad over somethin tat was never once yours..
coz u nvr own it before.. so there is no point bein sad of somethin tat wasn't once urs..
wat i'm tryin 2 say is tat i shouldn't b sad...
I did't lost her or anythin since she was nvr once mine..=)
sorry 4 wat i had stated in my previous post bout hw sad i was...hehe

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