Friday, November 21, 2008


hmm..., more n more fake heroes came out..
such as clockwork goblin..
But, of course i am not 2 talk about those 2day..

i want to share some of my strategy..
well, i am jz a beginner..., so do tell me if i wrote sumthing wrong..

Shadow Shaman..
hmm..., usually i will pump up the shackles and voodoo..
For those who want to farm, they can up forked lightning bt i dun think its gonna help much in a hero kill..
Although some people mite say that u can use shackles wit forked lightning.., but i dun quite agree.. Forked lightning needs 10s cooldown bt if u use it while shackles it won't go rite as shackles ony last for 4.75s(max).
If you up voodoo and shackles till u r level5, and when u go 6 u up ur ultimate.
By the time u do that, lets say u use ur ultimate, then u voodoo the enemy and shackles it again rite afta the voodoo wears off. In total of 6seconds,(2s voodoo n 4s shackles), since there are 8 serpents, each does 43damage. 43x8x6=2064damage.
hmm..., lets jz say if ur enemy has armor of 5, i think he still mite die since if both r level6. Unless, ur enemy is gud in farming.

i think its best to max ur third skill first, to chase hero when they are low hp.
it would b scary.. hmm..., ur second skill jz up it a bit(usefull for farming).
As for ur first skill u can cast it on an enemy wit less than 100hp. U can also use it on Inti hero(silence them coz it won't allowed them 2 use any skill).
U can use it on Pudge when he use rot(hahax.. So that Pudge can't turn rot off).

This hero is a gay hero if u noe how 2 use it..
It has high hp. Hook, u up hook and rot at the beginning. Here is an advice, hook hero that are range hero(non melee attack hero), becoz when they are shooting they will stay in one spot. Once you hook, then u rot and wack him.
Ur ulti is the killing one, having to stop ur enemy for 3s-5s wit 75-150damage persecond. Imagine if u hook and enemy and on ur rot then u use ur ulti on it..

Of coz if ur enemy is a pro.., then these mite not work..hahax..dun blame me if it doesn't work.

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