Monday, November 24, 2008


Sorry that the image is a small, please view it if u can't c it clearly.

As you have seen the chart above...,
This is an example of what that had happen in inflation.
The original price of a shop selling Laksa mee was RM4.00
But after inflation, It rises up to RM5.60..increase by 40% as the fuel increase by 40%..

But here is a clearer picture of what was suppose to happen..

As I think you kinda get what i mean, the price of the laksa mee should only increase by its transportation price. Which totals up that the actual price of the laksa mee after increase is RM4.20.

Sadly, most of the stall and places that sells things also did the same as shown as what happen in the first graph. Most of the kedai runcit also did the same but in actual fact that the transport price is the one that increase.

Anyway, thankful that our fuel price drop.. But sadly again the people who had increase their price by an exact 40% did not reduce and giving all sorts of reason..

Hope u agree wit me..thanx..
If i am wrong, please do tell me..

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